Iron and Golden Item Suggestions

Earlier, I was reading about an elaborate Draconic Invoking Ritual. The caster went to a forest on a hill, drew a circle in the dirt with a dragon’s eye in the center, sprinkled golden flakes around the circle, lit some candles (I forgot how many there were) then thrusted an iron sword into the center and chanted a phrase in Latin.

I’m not sure I’d be able to completely replicate this draconic ritual, but I do like the idea of using gold and iron in my practice. Iron is forged in fire and dragons are said to guard golden treasure.

Finding a golden item is easy since I have plenty of golden jewelry. I’m not sure what I could use for iron though. Any suggestions?


Rebar? That is my first thought. Not very ceremonial, but it is available for a few dollars at any home improvement store.


@Kasandra hi here are a few options.


That sounds like a really impressive ritual, @Kasandra! It sounds like you have options for the gold, and as for the iron I think it will depend on what you’re looking for.

I’m sure local hardware stores have iron tools you could use, but 1) you’d likely have to be able to self-identify what is iron/what isn’t and 2) stores likely won’t have any iron swords :sweat_smile:

I like @crystal24’s suggestion about checking out Etsy- there are certainly plenty of craftsfolk there who specialize in handcrafted weaponry. Looks like there are a lot of options for “iron sword”! You may even be able to find tools specially made for rituals there :thumb:

Another suggestion is to visit any local crafts fairs- like the marketplace at Renaissance Faires, Viking Festivals, or Fantasy Markets. Oftentimes you can find a weapons crafter who makes very high quality goods, and you can hold the tools before buying to see if they work well with you. Of course, this may not be a doable option during pandemic times.

As a last option, you could use a sword, staff, or pole from any material and just use an iron tip (iron from a hardware store or any other source). It will likely depend on what the spell says exactly, but it sounds like you might be able to substitute full iron for just the piece that strikes the dragon eye in the ritual.

Good luck and blessed be- I’d love to hear how the ritual works if you decide to give it a try! :dragon_face: :sparkles:


Pyrite would work. If you have any. Hematite is more popular. Oh yeah, tigers eye.


Oh, I didn’t know I could use Tiger’s Eye! I have plenty of small Tiger’s Eye stones.


Railroad Spike! :steam_locomotive: or an iron skillet lol! :fried_egg:
:rose: BB