Is it okay to self dedicate oneself without consecrating the tools

Your answers please. If it’s ok or I should rededicate myself after tool consecration


If you mean initiating into Wicca, that’s totally okay. I used a simple candle and a prayer to my goddess. I wish you well on your journey.


Thank you @praecog29 for your response. I really appreciate :pray::pray::pray:


Sundays are lighter on responses. Tomorrow you’ll get more ideas from other people. :slight_smile:


I’m not an expert, just my opinion but it depends on your level of rededication. If you’re doing a whole big circle and Thing, yes, I would consecrate my tools. If you’re doing something like @praecog29 did and just lighting a candle, no you don’t. It’s totally up to you.


I will speak on this matter based on my experience. I would say it is not necessary to rededicate yourself after tool consideration, however i will say by adding that it is still up to the practitioner. For me I have not done so but at the end of it all I guess it is what resonates with you.


Great question, Michael! You may have noticed that in the Wicca Initiation course, the Consecration of tools is on Day 6, while the Self-Dedication ritual appears on Day 7.

  • The consecration of tools is meant to remove negative residue that may have been attached to the tools and objects that you will be working with.

  • A self-dedication is a ritual where we let go of previous notions and baggage from our personal journey in order to start with a clean slate.

While they have similar purposes and some will prefer to do them at the same time, the self-dedication is far more personal and emotionally charged than the tool consecration.

In general there are no strict rules or order when it comes to your personal dedication and your personal working tools or altar. Follow your intuition at every step and do what feels more appropriate to you.

All the best


Hey there!

I think it is totally fine to do a dedication without consecrated tools; most of the dedication rituals I’ve done have not used any tools! I personally feel like they create distance between myself and deity. With that said, a lot, if not most witches use tools in important rites like this. A tool is a tool, so it should not matter as much as the intent and actions behind the ceremony.

Usually tools are cleansed, consecrated and charged prior to being used in ritual. This is a separate process that often happens a few days to hours before your planned dedication. There are countless was to cleanse, consecrate and charge tools, a few of which are explored in this article.

I do not think you need to rededicate yourself after doing a consecration of your tools, even if you used them during the initial ritual as-is or if you didn’t use the tools at all. Consecration and dedication are very different things, and I tend to view consecrating tools as dedicating the tool to a specific spiritual purpose, while I tend to view a dedication rite as dedicating yourself to your spiritual path and the deities. In my opinion, what is most important is the way you approach the ceremony, your energy and your intent. Whether or not you use a consecrated ritual tool for your dedication is not as important as approaching the deities with a pure heart. In my personal experience, Spirit listens to energy and the soul more than words or ritual protocol.


Thank you all for your response, I am pleased to be here