Is Magic different than Religion?

Religion is different than magic.

  • Religion is obedience to God following through some leader. The leader may misunderstand the sign & symbols that is coming from the universe, but magic is different than this.
  • Magic seeks power over forces or beings. This seeks to manipulate spiritual powers whereas religion depends on prayer. Those who perform magic, believe that they are part of God, but religion teaches that God is a separate identity.

This is my research work, but I would love to know your thoughts or research works on this issue. @anneshakargupta



I haven’t done any research work but my personal feelings differ I think.

I’m not intending for my magick to have power or forces over things, certainly not without their consent. And the word manipulate feels wrong to me, I prefer influence. My magick actually does depend on prayer and asking my deities for assistance, and I do see them as separate entities.


I’ve got to disagree. Religion doesn’t have to depend on some preacher who tells you what to do, that’s the beauty of paganism, we follow our own hearts.

Magic flows in us and around is, is part of the universe. What else are spells but prayers to magic for the work to be done? Even if you don’t believe in Gods, you believe in Magic and that is a power unto itself.

Just my two cents worth.


I’m not a huge fan of labels.

But magick is, to me, a poorly understood aspect of the universe. It is energy that flows, and in using magick we use our intention to redirect that flow to achieve various outcomes. I use it primarily for personal growth, self awareness and understanding, and I have seen results that I can not otherwise explain.

Religion, to me, is an attempt at organized spirituality in which a belief system is presented to you. Magick is a self-discovered belief system. And just for the heck of it (since I seem to be labelling…maybe its other peoples labels I don’t like!) Science is just an art/craft with different rituals.


In religion, someone else reveals it to you.


I believe that at a fundamental level they are different. Magick definitely doesn’t have to be manipulative and religion isn’t necessarily just obedience. Personally, I incorporate both into my life, and they work with each other. I wouldn’t try to force my beliefs on anyone, and just want to be accepted as me. :slight_smile:


That’s a nice picture and the statement rings so true to me. :slight_smile:
Have a great day.


Religion in my mind is the problematic term. There is plenty of religion in the world and little faith. I view both Magic and relation with deity as a matter of faith and yet both I am sure can wind up strangled into being religion.


I really like this :revolving_hearts:


Faith is more for religion, not necessarily obedience.
Magic is working with your own mental and or physical strength to make a thing happen. I.E. thru love I send love and strength to all of you.


This is interesting to me.

For me the word religion means organization, a set belief system. And maybe that’s because I grew up in the Baptist church. Things that happened because of politics turned my beliefs away from that. My dad was a deacon and had ideas for how things could be and the pastor said “no, my way or the highway”. I watched this happen and told my dad, I no longer believe in organized religion because of this. Sorry, getting squirrelled :woman_facepalming:

So my curiosity is how faith and belief different for everyone?

While I am still learning, I believe in magick because I feel it, it speaks to me. I believe in the god and goddess, (while still respecting other pantheons) in setting intentions and raising my vibrations to match the Universe and I have faith that what I want will come to me because I’ve asked them and then claimed it. So to me faith and belief go hand in hand.


oh I very much like the concept of this right here @Undomeher. for the question that was asked earlier I will give my opinion on he matter.

I must say I do respect others path and faith. For me I do see religion as a faith belief system that’s shows us the way of Gods teachings with are controlled by leaders . With this system I find it to be at times controlling and somewhat confusing.

On the other hand I do not see Magic as having the power over forces or beings but rather as a spiritual power found within myself connected to the universe and nature. I do know it is real based on my experience and knowledge thus far in the craft. This which is used to serve for all things positive for the greater good of all.

I believe this concept or question may vary based on a persons belief or understanding.


In the article “there is a clear and precise difference between these two realities”.
I remember that when I was getting clean from my addiction that I needed to have faith and believe that god had a purpose for my life!
Trust me I wanted to believe and have faith on the other hand “magic wants to change others through manipulation”. I truly hope that I can learn magic to change things for my greater good however I don’t think I am harming anyone in any way! I am truly trying to help myself and others too so I can stand on my own two feet again. You think its wrong to seek such a power over the super natural?
I guess to each there own! I thought it was interesting that in the article one of the comments said “Jesus commanded a deaf man to hear again”! Well I just want to stand on my own two feet again, and what’s wrong with that? Every one has there own theory on what’s right and wrong! I like what Garnet said about

I am sending you love and strength to you all as well!
Thank you!
Blessed Be!