Is there a spell to bring justice? (Warning...sad subject)

Afternoon lovely people! I need some advice on an important matter. Is there a spell out there that I could do to help bring somebody to justice after murdering someone? This beautiful young woman called Natalie Mcnally (Northern Ireland) was murdered in December, she was 15 weeks pregnant. She is a relative of my cousin. She was at home at the time just chilling. There is footage of a man walking away, not very clear though as it was night time. Her family are devestated obviously, Im not sure as to where to start regarding a spell, any suggestions would be so welcome. Sorry this is a depressing post for you to read, but I know you wonderful people are always so helpful. Any suggestions are more than welcome. X


I’m so sorry for you and your family. Hecate may be able to help bring about justice. You have my condolences.


Oh thank you so much for your help! I will be doing this for sure :pray:


You’re welcome! I hope it brings comfort to you.


Hello @linda20,

That is a real tragedy- I am so sorry for your and your family’s loss :pray::candle: Sending warm thoughts and support during your time of mourning.

I agree with @Amethyst that calling on a deity of justice would be a good thing to consider :+1: There are no “black” or “baneful” associations with spellwork that seeks only fair justice, and entrusting things to a deity or higher power leaves action in the hands of the divine, who, naturally, can see and know far more than we ever could (at least in my own beliefs!).

I second the vote for Hecate- She is a deity of witches who has a strong association with both death and with justice.

You could also take the Tarot Card Justice and place it Upright on your altar or sacred space. Spend a moment or two (or a full meditation if you have the time!) focusing on it each day to continue to send your energy and wish into the Universe.

Whatever you choose to do, I hope it helps justice be served :pray:

Blessed be! :candle:


I’m sorry to hear what happened and for your loss. Prayers that you and the family will make it through this difficult time. :candle:

I agree with the posts above. Hecate is a great goddess to work with in matters of justice.


Hi Amethyst, Just updating you, I performed Hecate’s justice devotional prayer on that evening, I put my heart and soul into it, I also left her offerings on my altar, and added the justice tarot card, well, I got a call from my mum earlier today, and guess what? Someone has been arrested! Thank you (and Hecate) so very much! :heart:


Oh thank the Gods! :pray: :clap: :fire:


Thank goodness! Now let’s hope the course of Justice runs smoothly.


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