Isa :Isaz: 11th Rune of the Elder Futhark & 3rd of Heimdall's Aett

Rune Name: Isa :isaz:

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Germanic Name: Isa :isaz: , Ice :ice_cube:
Phonetic Value: I
Pronunciation: EE-sah
Translation: Ice
Modern English: Ice

Rune Number: Rune 11 of the Elder Futhark & 3rdt Rune of Heimdall’s Aett
Polarity: Feminine

Color Association(s): Black
Elemental Association(s): Air, Water
Deity Association(s): Thurses

Herbal Association(s): Henbane :herb:
Tree Association(s): Alder

Astrological Association(s): Moon :astrology_moon::
Month/Days: November 28 – December 13

Chakras: Heart :heart:, Third Eye :eye:
Tarot Card(s): The Hermit, The Hierophant

Magickal Uses: Maintain status quo, protection against unwanted energies or developments, bringing clarity to a situation.

Use when life becomes too heated, whether it’s physically or emotionally. Chant Stillness to bring stillness & solidity.

Overall Meanings/Keyword(s): Stillness, Forced Rest, Release, Challenges, Reflection, Pause, Stalemate, Reprogramming, Cosmic Coherence

There is a time for everything including stillness. Nature forces its icy grip upon your body & soul, but not without purpose. Rather than force the flow, strive to suspend in frozen stasis. It is here that your perspective can shift. Here those patterns or attitudes etched into the ice can be witnessed & melted if you choose when the thaw comes.

I work as a part of nature, rather than apart from nature. There is no way forward but from the present moment. I sit, patiently, attuning myself to the silence & messages that can only be received right here, right now.

Emotional rigidity, frozen aspect of emotions. Coldness between people or among organizations. Stand tall as an individual. When the world seems fluid & emotions are too much. Water is fluid & ice solidifies it.

This signifies a lack of movement. Physical, loss of energy, mental blocks that you can’t see past to move forward. Delay - accept as reality. Take advantage of the still to practice focusing on the moment, being in present. Meditation. Declutter.

Evaluating circumstances from a cool, & emotionally detached viewpoint can be helpful now.

Brightstave/Upright: Enhancement of self-consciousness & ego awareness. Difficult situations are overcome with inner resources. Transition (not always easy) from one state of being to another. Time to pull back into the self without separating from the world. You need enlightened action to guide your steps in the possible transitions. You possess self-control, the ability to influence others, unity of purpose & being. This element is not without the fascination with beauty. (May represent mystic, scoundrel, Deadman)

Edit Merkstave/Reversed is for those that happen to read all runes with a Merkstave/Reversed meaning which means that they are pulled sideways instead of upright. However, Isa :isaz: traditionally is not read in reverse.

Merkstave/Reversed: Out of balance, ice can cause freezing of life forces & an over-concentration in the ego center, leading to dullness & stupidity. There is a danger of becoming blind to the totality. Transitions bode dangers, though the dangers may be hidden by beauty.

Your will may be weakened, or your will may be controlled by others, by outside forces. A blockage of Isa leads to a dissipation of forces & an inability to concentrate consciousness activity.

Meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: Isa Meditation - Magin Rose


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Corresponding with The Hermit, The Hierophant, the Moon, Water- there’s a lot about this rune that really pulls me in. This was a very interesting one to learn about!

I’ve taken an extra note about Isa and I think I might try to include it in my nightly meditations, as it seems like a great way for inner stability and the release of stress/blockades.

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom, Siofra! :heart::isaz:

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Your welcome. Always a pleasure to do these posts.

I get Isa :isaz: & I meditate with it because for me it’s always a reminder that I’ve gone long enough without a break. I need to be still & aware of what is around me before I can move beyond there with things. Kind of like, take the time to process what is going on I guess?

I got it twice in 2 weeks one time & was like… damn… I need to relax. Lol :wink:

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