It probably isn't my first but my brain doesn't know that

The Mint that my husband bought for me needed a bit of trimming so I made my very first drying rack. I’m certain that it can’t actually be my first one but I have no memory of having one so it might as well be.
It’s Grab some random stuff and make it work style but I didn’t know what to do and I figure it do until I figure out how to make something.
I have vague memory of there being things drying in High School but I have no memory of it beyond that it was done.
I know what I made it just a quick fix, now all I have to do is figure out what I’m making and how to do it out of basic household stuff :laughing:
Any advice is welcome :smiley:
A piece of ribbon tied to the chandelier type thing in the kitchen :laughing:


You’ve got the drying figured out creatively, I’m sure you’ll find some fun ways to use your dried mint when it’s ready too! :blush::herb:

One of the best things about drying herbs is extending their shelf life- you’ll have plenty of time to put your dried mint to good use!

Good luck and enjoy :green_heart: :sparkles:


If it works, it works! :clap:

I’ve tied things and hung them to dry just hanging out on my wall :laughing: I hope you figure out what you want to use it for!


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