It's Armed Forces Week UK

It’s Armed forces week here in the UK. A time to remember our brave men and women of today and yesterday.
This is special for me as my family have a long history of service. I kind of broke that when at 16 I requested to join the R.A.F (air force), you know, fighter jets! And was told, “sorry, women can’t fly, fancy being a dog trainer?”(this was back in the 80s, I think women can fly now?) My reply " Dog trainer! What is this the R.A.F or the RSPCA!" (animal charity). Yes, at16 I was thoroughly insulted and that ended the family tradition. :joy: Who knows what my boys will chose.
Blessed be all military people, everywhere.:sparkling_heart:


I have the pleasure of seeing more and more women pilots on commercial airlines- I would sure hope militaries around the world have realized their past mistakes! :airplane: :woman_pilot:

Wishing all those celebrating a blessed Armed Forces Week! Many thanks to those who offer so much in hopes of making a better, safer place for us all to live :pray: :heart:


I don’t blame you for being insulted. They didn’t have to go straight to a dog trainer for goodness sake!

Still, I wish everyone a good Armed Forces Week. Thank you for protecting us!


I would have been insulted, too!

I’m one of those people that wanted to fly the fighter jets as a kid and teen. Then I found out that you have to have perfect, uncorrected vision - nope, can’t do that! I wear glasses and that’s not allowed :confused: but that’s okay.

I hope everyone celebrating Armed Forces Week has a wonderful week! :pray: Thank you for your service!