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I don’t wanna say I gave up wicca , but I definitely don’t practice it like I used to , but wicca still feels like a part of me , of who I am , who I want to be . But lately… My life has just been a confusing fog I can’t make sens of … I don’t see a path in front of me , I can’t find my guide and don’t know where to look …
I would love some help and guidance, I want to practice again , I don’t want to abandon all this , but how can I find my guide ? I saw others saying the path to your guide might be hiding in the things you love ; I know I’ve always been obsessed with foxes, the Moon, Stars and the night I also really love crystals. I’ve always loved Norse and Egyptian mythology.

Could you help me find my way again ?
Thank you so very much to all <3
Blessed be :waxing_crescent_moon::full_moon::waning_crescent_moon:
** Update for some reason I can’t reply to the posts ?
But I wanna let you all know that I really appreciate your help so very much :heart: I cleaned up one of my bedside desk and made a new altar , I also cleaned and charged my crystals by the moonlight last night , I’m ready to start again :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome back.

I am at very early stages of my journey so may not be able to offer the best guidance but I’ll try my best.

When looking for my guides i did in fact look at the things i love most. This happened to be the moon, the stars and Ancient Egyptians!

I read up on the deities and mythology of Ancient Egypt as well as refamiliarising myself with the mundane aspects of life there to build an all round picture for my self. Doing this just felt right. It felt like I was being drawn home. This may sound silly but i also listened to music based on Ancient Egypt tonsee what stood our or spoke to me. I ised this playlist from spotify where wach piece of musoc represents a deity:

I did this meditation to see what or who would perhaps appear. I just feelings of a presence at first but not a particular deity. It was after a few times that i started to see the falcon( also seeing them often outside and i was even waking up.drawing the horus eye on my forehead!).

I then explored the triad of Horus, Isis and and Osiris and felt the connection to their love and protection for each other. I now have all 3 on my altar. I really love this meditation for connecting with Isis:

I dont know why, but Thoth sprngs to mind. He is a moon deity. His ibis beak remembles the crescent moon. The moon being his domain also means cycles and a time of renewal.

His epithets include “the moon shining in the heavens” “he who ends strife” and simply “the guide”.

Perhaps his knoweldge and wisdom will assist you in finding your way on your path once more. I am in no way trying to i fluence your thinking but hope that this gives you some ideas, even if you alter them to suit a pantheon or deity you are more drawn too

Blessed be



Welcome back, @MidnightVixxen!

It’s great to hear from you- I hope you’re doing well and staying healthy :blush::heart:

Big hugs to you :people_hugging: :two_hearts: We see posts like this fairly often in the forum, and I always want to send an e-hug right through the screen. I know how it feels- there’s that little ember of motivation, the echo of the calling- but something is lacking or blocking the way and you’re just left feeling stuck.

It’s certainly not a fun feeling, but I do think it is a natural one. Just like the moon and Her many phases, our energy and interest wax and wane. Life happens, we are busy! Things get in the way of the practice or other situations call for our attention. That doesn’t mean you aren’t still a witch or that you’ve lost your magick- just that, like the moon, you are going through a rest phase.

Your magick is always there inside of you, waiting for whenever you are ready to embrace it again. And it sounds like you are trying! :heart::blush:

@Cosmic_Curiosity shared some awesome advice and helpful resources! In addition to what’s been already said, I recommend starting small- finding easy, simple ways to bring a little magick into your daily routine. @Silverbear has some great videos on that subject- here is one:

Wishing you all the best and I hope you’re able to kickstart your magickal practice back to where you wish it to be! Lots of love and many blessings to you :sparkles::pray::blush:


It sounds like you’re burned out, but also trying to force yourself into a certain direction. I go through phases like this. What I do when I don’t know what to do is give myself that resting period. I try to do other things to give myself a break. I’ll also sometimes pull a tarot / oracle card, not expecting a certain answer, but just to see what comes up. I’ll also simply light a little tea light. Not to a specific path or deity or anything, just the universe. This is what I do most often. Then I just relax and go about my life and keep my mind and heart open. Things reveal themselves when the time is right.

It’s like when you’re trying to remember something and it’s not coming up, like a word, or name, or something you were going to say, and you stress yourself out until you feel like you’re going to burst. Like hitting a brick wall. That’s the moment when it’s best to let it go, and it will come up on its own.

Sometimes your mind is just cluttered or overwhelmed or your body is tired so it needs to go through the ‘dark moon’ phase to reset and rest. :heart:

(My longest phase was about a year or so, but I focused on art instead, and it helped. Now I focus on knitting or something else, and I’ll step away completely from witchy books or videos etc when I feel lost, because I often try to force something to happen and I really just need the breather.)

Edit: ALSO… a walk or step outside can be incredibly healing, even if you live in a big city. Just look at any trees or grass, flowers, birds, or even a breeze or a cloud. Take it in and focus on that. Nature is a major healer and can help take us outside of our very busy brains.


I’m replying again because I keep thinking of things to add and I don’t want to keep editing my post, lol :laughing:

I consider myself Wiccan, though I’m not traditional. I’ve often felt like I’m not doing it right or not doing enough. But I follow the wheel of the year and the rede, the God and Goddess, etc. I’ve read Scott Cunningham’s books, which are great, and Thea Sabin’s Wicca book. Among many others.

Basically… do what you can. Give yourself rest if you need it. If you feel a connection then that connection is there. I think we as humans are great at clouding our minds with doubt and too much information. Like muddy water, we can’t keep stirring it or the water will never settle and clear.

I’m sure you have a guide, but don’t try to pigeon hole what or who that guide is. I believe we are all sparks from the same flame, including the Gods and Goddesses and helpful spirits etc, and things will appear to you as you need them. Sometimes they’ll change form, because it’s shifting to fit your needs. Trust the path and trust the universe. Don’t be hard on yourself. :heart:

Edit: in other words… rest, breathe, light a little candle, and let things come naturally. They will.


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