It's finally happened 😥

My poor little aloe plant (I called him Alvin because he rode around in my purse in his tiny little Wal-Mart pot for almost a month back in may while I was living on the streets and in hotel rooms.) Ordinarily I don’t buy plants, I don’t grow plants from seeds… Honestly I never really cared much for my ex husbands to buy me flowers (I liked the bouquets of handpicked wild flowers Justin used to pick for me when we started dating but those faded away after the first year) because I have a black thumb. I kill all plants somehow. but given my living conditions I developed a very nasty and PAINFUL sunburn which is unusual for my olive complexion but desperate for relief I went to Walmart to cool off and Alvin caught my eye and I immediately remembered my mom having one that we used to pinch off of when the rare sunburn did occur from being in the pool all day and- certain that I would need his help many times in the coming summer months- I picked my tiny succulent up and headed to the register. He survived purse trips, hot weather to cool buildings, being dropped out of exhaustion, thrown down out of frustration and repeatedly knocked over by the tiniest little Ziggy.
When I moved back to my mom’s I repotted him because he had outgrown his baby pot and added more soil to his new home as well as a few rose quartz chips and clear quartz chips. I believe I even had a piece of labradorite break into 3 pieces and I buried it in Alvin’s pot (I’ll need to check but I may or may not have a key for a previously casted spell in that dirt. I hope that’s where I buried it if not I’ve got a problem since I had to dispose of the other plant I had attempted growing from an unknown pod due to it being eat up by army worms-of course I had no idea until they ate the entire plant before I ever found out what I had started growing :worried:) today I went and got Alvin off the front porch because my mother had decided to soak it in a sink of water :woman_facepalming:t3: despite my attempts to make her leave him alone and I had put him in the sun yesterday to dry out. Today one of his “arms broke off” and my plant Id app told me it has leaf rot and basically to dump my whole little Alvin off the property because he would infect the soil and since his whole self was leaning over he was too far gone :sob:
Mom said “you can get another aloe plant.” But she’s wrong because Alvin had become my tough little cacti friend and had literally rode through some of my hardest times with me. I don’t know what to do because I really can’t bring myself to dump him given I’m already grieving the loss of a different type of bond. :dizzy_face: But I’m guessing that since Alvin has leaf rot that his little arms can’t be harvested and used for spell work and obviously I can’t compost him. Just sucks to wake up to be greeted by bad news after such a good day yesterday.
Sorry for the rambling… Just needed to celebrate the life of a tough little succulent as he’s prepared to be laid to rest. :amphora::cactus::broken_heart:


I’m sorry to hear about Alvin. Maybe you could dry and press a part of your plant that is still in good shape?


I’m so sorry about Alvin. I agree with @Kasandra maybe there is something you could do to dry/press part of the plant.


@Kasandra I took the arm that fell off and I’ve got it drying out on my altar as we speak. I thought about just drying out all the arms but I’m not sure what I’d do with them. Thank you and you too @Siofra. I know it’s silly but I was so proud to have a plant I hadn’t killed right from the start.


Ut oh. I think I may know what happened. Labradorite can’t get wet. When you watered Alvin, it was (sorry to say this) actually killing him. It’s a toxic stone once it’s wet. I’m so sorry for your plant :cactus: :disappointed:


If there are any parts of the plant that are salvagable, like a stem or two, cut the bottom off with a clean sharp knife and repot it in clean (very slightly damp soil). It is possible to repropergate them this way…

Ive had my aloe Dave for 10 years. He’s produced over 300 babies which have gone to new homes :heart::heart::heart:

3 years ago, at the start of my downward spiral, I almost killed him through neglect :cry: I had one stem left and I replanted it hoping it would take.

3 years later…

… Hes thriving :grin: it might work, it might not, but it’s worth a go :woman_shrugging:


Failing that I would happily send you a baby Dave but I don’t know if it would survive the trip :thinking: or if you can even send plants from UK to USA lol

Ps. I get sad when I loose plants too :pensive::desert: it sucks :broken_heart:


I’m sorry about Alvin. He sounds like he was a fighter.


@Amethyst he was… At least until I killed him :sob:

Thank you for letting me know that @christina4 . Poor Alvin I feel terrible. I was still very new to all of it when my labradorite broke and didn’t know yet which ones are safe to put in water. I feel so stupid now

@Abs53 he’s gorgeous, love. One of Dave’s pups would be equally loved as Alvin if I were to take one but the shipping would probably be crazy high and I’d never ask anyone to do that. But thank you for sharing the tips with me I’ll see if I can fix him thank you


You didn’t know :kissing_heart: don’t be too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes :hugs:


I’ll look into it :wink: there might be something I can do :blue_heart:


That’s so sweet @Abs53. You’re awesome :hugs::kissing_heart:


You had no idea!! Ok! Do not beat yourself up because you never know what the future may bring :wink:
I once did that when I first began my crystal interest. I used a pyrite and is kinda eroded over a couple of days into my beautiful panda plant. I wanted to use pyrite because I felt like the plant brought me feelings of abundance (pyrite’s used for abundance). We live and learn right.


I totally feel you. See out plants die is very sad and frustrating. Once, I killed some sunflowers that I planted from the seed, a couple of them replanting them and others got sick by bugs, I felt terrible and guilty.

However, one of the things I’ve learned from yoga is to not grapple with things, that will only lead to suffering, sooner than later. I’m not asking you to not feel bad, because you’re a caring and a good person, but mind that all things are temporary, and as @christina4 said: “We live and learn”, learn the lesson and accept this difficult moment with compassion and love.

I’m sending you much pink love :heart_decoration:


@WhiteFox thank you Stefania for sharing your experience with me.ive got the healthier looking stems of Alvin sitting out in the sun that is beating down on us in alabama. and I went out and used my fingers to till the soil up where the wetter dirt was at the top and the dry was mixed better. I added some more fresh soil and packed him in better so he’d stand tall and pretty (I did also find 2 keys in his dirt apparently someone tried to hide house keys in my pot or something and when I used the little dirt that was already in the pot the keys were there as well hopefully I can save him. Thanks to @Abs53 for sharing her tip on how to repropergate him.

A little bit ago I went to dollar general with my mom (idk why we didn’t wait till my interview but kinda glad we didn’t now) and she handed me the bag of dog treats and tells me to put them back cause she changed her mind. When I got back she was ready to go and we get home and she shows me this guy…folks I’d like to introduce you all to Simon :laughing::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::cactus:

She saw him laying on his side and starting to shrivel up because he was so dry and decided to buy him because if she didn’t he would’ve died. He is now getting a drink and will join my sick baby on the porch momentarily.