It's Just A Phase!

Its Just A Phase


Oh my goodness! :exploding_head: So here I am sitting thinking :thinking: about what exactly I want to do today/tonight :full_moon: & then I remembered… I bought this amazing book :open_book: called “The Moon Manual: The Modern Witch’s Book of Shadows” by Quinn K. Dyer & Morgan V. Fay… it’s available on Amazon & The Moon Manual Site… it’s all about the phases of the moon & everything… about the phases, zodiac, elements, & types of magic & just everything! I am loving it so far & its explanations are easy to follow & put together.

Then I log into the forum as I am getting to Full Moon :full_moon: in Sagittarius :sagittarius: in May & it’s stuffs & bam! :boom: Notification about a New topic… It’s Just A Phase… & I was not disappointed.

This is going to sound really weird… but I feel like some of the areas I have studied :nerd_face: are now all coming together :yin_yang: for my practice in their own way but in a comfortable & flowing kind of way that’s just right for where I am :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So thank you for this well-timed video! :two_hearts:


Don’t you just love it when it all flows?!


Feels a lot better that way!


All your videos are gorgeous, but this was especially relaxing to watch- the clips of the moon in different phases are enchanting to watch, and your soothing voice is the cherry on top! :grinning:

Lovely video- thank you so much, @Silverbear! :sparkles:


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