It's Monday...tuesday?

Hi everyone,
Cats woke me up at 4:30 love the little buggers. Covered my head with the blanket, didn’t work. Gray woke me up by standing beside my ear and meowing isn’t that cute? (sarcasm)
Finally drag the old bones out of the bed went to the kitchen. Thought I heard thunder, well maybe not.
Let the cats out well, I let four out. The fifth one was being contrary, but finally he went out .

Got a frozen bagel out of the freezer… such an exciting life blah… blah… blah…
cut the bagel, in half and put it in the toaster.
I heard thunder again :poop: Had to pretend to be nice and coax a little buggers back into the house. Now every every one of them was very kind and actually came back into the house except Gray who needs to be Begged.
Little beast, finally came back in. They had been standing on the patio looking confused not happy with the Thunder but didn’t understand what it was. Well with all noses accounted for I ate my bagel and went back to bed.
But there is no justice in life, when of course the Little Darlings then wanted back out. They teased, they meowed, they clawed on the corner of the bed. Now in my mind I was shooting each one of them with my invisible gun… no, it was a ray gun yeah like they used on Star Trek.
I started growling. Me, miss congeniality.
And you may not believe it but I think I was getting a little cranky.
My growling suddenly turned into snarling. I don’t like cats! not this morning. Got up to use the bathroom looked in the mirror I don’t like me either!
7:30 Poor
me! A all of my five of my five children are monsters I wonder if I could get away with saying they’re his children from another marriage? Probably not.
I have made the decision that I’m running away from home. The only thing I missed was a little bag that said going to Grandma’s. My first stop was Panera’s for coffee I parked in the parking lot and quietly sipped my lovely coffee.
The miracle .
I won’t say it happened quickly, it took a little while. But about halfway through that cup of coffee life didn’t look quite so bad. And by the time I finished it the sun had come out( Florida, remember?)
And it RAINED and rained and rained.
We uncovered the pool yesterday for the first time unfortunately the cover made the pool like bath water. Hoping that today we would be able to swim. And it rained and it rained.
Thinking about maybe an ark would have been a better idea
but not to worry my lovelies I’m still sitting in the car but I’m smiling.
So with life looking better, I went home. And decided to go on spells8.
Monday had turned into Tuesday and all was well with the world.
Blessed Be


@Garnet if you really do decide to run away, could you consider taking me??? :). Love you woman. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ah yes, coffee. Bringer of smiles since the beginning of time! I’d be cool with running away sometimes, especially with good friends like you!


I could never run away from home, even when I was little. My book and toy collection was too big and has only gotten bigger as I got older.

Glad things are going better for you!


@Garnet Sometimes a little me time, good coffee and nature (even rain) can lift our spirit. That’s what coffee does best. Stay with us. We love you :sparkling_heart:


There never was a more powerful glamour spell than a good cup of coffee- maybe it can’t solve all the problems, but it sure can bring some joy back into the day! :sun: :grin: :coffee:

Please say hello to your five little beasties- I hope they will be better behaved for you tomorrow! And perhaps you’ll get that chance to swim too. May the Florida weather gods allow it! :raised_hands: :sun_behind_rain_cloud: :grinning:

Lots of love to you, Garnet! :heart:


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