It's OK to not be ok...a reminder

A message from me to you…a reminder, it’s OK to not be OK…Sometimes clearing the ‘gunk’ is necessary before you can free yourself.

It’s more than ok to not be ok - it’s human. We all have off days, down days, days where everything feels like too much. And that’s ok. What’s not ok is not giving yourself the time and space to work through those feelings. The positive only vibes message is unrealistic and not healthy.

Too often we push ourselves to keep going, to not show weakness, to act like everything is fine even when it’s not. But that’s not sustainable - eventually, something will give. So if you’re not feeling ok, take some time for yourself. Work through whatever it is that’s troubling you. Don’t bottle it up or try to ignore it.

It might not be easy, but it’s important. So if you’re not feeling ok, don’t be afraid to take some time for yourself to allow the healing process to begin.


@SilverBear Am important reminder. Thankyou. :sparkling_heart:


Thank you so much for posting this it speaks to my heart :heart: you have a profound understanding about mental health and im always grateful for you guidance. :blush:


With the new moon this week, this message is perfectly timed (and much appreciated)!

Thank you, Silverbear :people_hugging: :heart:


I feel this, and thank you for the reminder. You are so right, positive vibes only all the time is just not realistic…it’s also not healthy if it means you’re not processing grief.


I Love you @SilverBear and feel your loss. :people_hugging:May the grief not consume you, but aid in your journey. It is a necessary part of accepting the Love you still have for someone not physically here. :people_hugging:There is a shoulder for you here to cry on and as many hugs as you need. :people_hugging: Love and Light :mending_heart:


As I’m doing some deep and emotional shadow work, this is a great reminder for me. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for this Laurie. I don’t know what has been wrong with me the past couple of weeks, but I have just been in a rut lately. Life has me exhausted, or maybe the Texas heat, or maybe both. I am sorry for your losses. Thank you for reminding us that it’s ok not to be ok. :people_hugging:


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