Its only Tuesday 🤣

Ok so we had public holiday yesterday so today was back at work… omg! Who invited Elsa!!!:joy::joy::joy: we don’t get snow but we got the gail force ice force winds, hail and torenttual rain. . So we were stuck inside all day. . Crazy day but i get it, days cant get outside, its just gonna be like that. Plus we had workman comingand going and im running round trying to get everything thing done and look after everyone. .
Like it was cool, crazy but i was keepimg it together. I was mostly on my own during day so i had to deal with everything thrown at me. But you know its cool n i got stuff done n still time to get maybe something else done tonight once get some food. .

But its only tuesday… and here is why i say this… as crazy as this day has been, stuck inside all day, changes left right n centre, ppl in and out i get it. .

… but iys only tuesday and ive had 2 asthma attacks in one afternoon, ive had my mailbox try eat my arm and faceplanted onto muddy ground (bricks) to try wrestle my arm back ( lol it got stuck and weight of bag, the angle etc i faceplanted into groundas a result but lol yep it was like the mail nox just didnt want to let go of my arm and so now thats what i think of when i think of it and cayse niw my face hurts and im like thinking ok you just got to laugh otherwise you cry but i can’t laugh cause hit cheek bone so my face hurt​:joy: so rather than needing an umbrella on way home i now need an icepack :rofl: im like omg!

But wait the story doesnt end there. So im kneelinh un muddy puddle picking myself up my arm free, face hurt and turns out it was all junk mail (so not worth it) but i pick myself up mumbling to self walk upstairs almost to my door n realise i dont have my inhaler :woman_facepalming::scream: i mean i got spares but ive had two attacks already in past few hours n my health care card lost cause working too much and even though my days dropping back, it will taje a while to get back under the limit and 80 for inhalers withoit card complared to 10ish with card n still waiting for pay to be fixed. Im likr nope i need to go find where i dropped it.
I rush down stsirs cant find anywherr rhinking its near letterbox wall where faceplanted, nope not there. I brought in bins so i checked car park. Walked passed a coyple who i guess live down stairs n omg just wait for the punch line. . But i let them go past cause i still not foynd inhaker. I go back to letter box n its sitting on top of tge wall of letter boxes. Im like how did it get there??:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

But so i grab it relieved to have inhaler, and that not having problwms with breathing too much so walk up knees down soaked, face hurt and then im like what is falling from my head :thinking::thinking::thinking: culdnt figure it out but im likr whatever juat go upstairs n get inside house. Thats it im done its safer if i just fet inside…

So im like taking off shoes so dont trudge mud in house near front door as i do n i think yeah my fave hurts. It prob wont look too bad cause even when i ball eyes out unless blow nose alot which wipes make up away the makeup usually covers the redness so im thinking the couple i passed woulsnt of noticed id faceplanted the ground…

… till i saw my face🤦‍♀️ covered in sticks and dirt and those things falling down from my head… were probably other stuff that jad been stuck to my face before when i had passed the couple that lived down stairs. And they passed me in the car park in dark looking for something … … they prob had no clue what on earth was going on…

All i can think now is yeah… i was looking for my sanity :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: i swear i had some of it left before i left for work this morning but i just cant seem to find it​:joy::joy::joy:

Oh well, other than that, clotges hung up to dry, im clean. Face dont look too bad, maybe neighbours hadnt paid attention too much to my face n well maybe i might just survive the next 3 days of work…

Was supposed to only be a 3 dsy week but staffing, we gpt stuck so another 4 day… but heres the thing. Its only Tuesday and my highlights for tge days are two asthma attacks, face planting into grounf when arm got stuck in mailbox which also caused me to end up kneeling im muddy pudfle, loosing inhaler and a crazy arse day. . .

My solution: well other than maybe it would of been safer to stay in bed this morning :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Is that i am going to have to come up with some damn good protection, good luck, health spells or something because damn if this is only the first day of the working week, im going to need to lay on the protections just to get through the week…

But omg i know i take the astgma attacks and obviously faceplanting is an injury so im not not taking my health seriously in saying this. Like i even had a moment when the griund was moving. Like seriously i thought tge ground was actually moving. Probably was me bout to black out but like its been a day but just thinkinh about it and telling the story n maybe ive just hit my head too many times im craxked in the head but the rediculousness of it all i cant help but feel like its just hillarious.
Obviously not at the time, but its like its so rediculous, so much just one after the other n random shit like getting arm stuck in mailbox n faceplanting… never happened before in 11 years lived in this place . But all in one day. I just feel like if i dont find the funny side to this it will jusy be yoo much to handle so now im like iys freaking hillarious. Even though my face hurts n im still wheezy which im taking serious but juat the whole series of events n how random n rediculous i cant help but just though my arms in the air and laugh in my head ( cause hurts to laugh out loud :joy:) and think but its only tuesday. . If its only tuesday… and all this happened… i think im going to need some help to maje it safely through the week lol

So a protection spells searching we will go, protection spells searching we will go, hi ho a merry go, protection spells searching me will go. :laughing:yes i did just sing that in my head :joy::joy::joy:ok dobt laugh dont laugh lol ouch that hurt.

Maybe that can be my project tonight. Its not work per se but ive already done lots today n the rest can be done later and protection spells esp for while at work too will be useful. Do you know how many times i almost trip or i clip my shoulder on door frame or walk face first into a door before open it :laughing:ok im a hazard to myself. Tonight was random. But when i work i go go go and simetimes jusy dont stop, and esp when exhausted more accident prone. That’s why rested past 3 days. . So the randomness of today has thrown me, but if this is only tuesfay firsr day of a 4 day week. Hooly dooly just wait till day 4 and im barely slept n run ragged for 4 days.

Yep im going to need some protection charms. .lots and lots of protections :laughing:


Oh my! Maybe you should go to bed, take a nap, and start the day over. Might help. Sending you good vibes!


Lol its end of day and my head was hurting bit so yeah im in bed. Did my prayer at altar and bed rituals with runes well Algriz for both. Took what meds i have, oddly my fibro was also flaring up today but the asthma attacks caused me not to go to chemist on way home ecen for pain meds. Got nurefen n some of other meds need. Was just about to look up protection spells n set phone for tommorow n try early night. Its only 9pm but alarm.goes off at 4.45am. So sooner i shut off hopefuly sooner get sleep. More chance of sleep Maybe my head will feel better tommorow. N maybe if have some thing for protection i can face whatevet tommorow throws as me. :crossed_fingers:


I found some spells i can try. They are just the words of spell. But as i cant pull materials together to make something big i feel i need to try something. So ive saved the spells i found. Hopefully with sleep n extra protection Will get through this week :grin:


Ah man! I hate days like that! I’m glad you found your inhaler! Just give yourself grace, snuggle up with a nice cuppa something and breathe in some gratitude! I bet that will help! Sending you a warm hug!


Oh wow, you’ve had quite the day! :astonished:

I’m glad you were able to get some sleep, though. Hopefully, tomorrow is better! :crossed_fingers:


Just remember, each day is a brand new day filled with new possibilities. Good luck, love!


Sorry to hear it was a tough one, but hey! You’ve made it to Wendesday, Phoenix! :muscle: :fire:

I hope that a new day brought new positive things for you. Wishing you all the best with your spellwork! :sparkles:

Blessed be


Lol im in Wednesday night right now. Splitting headache, part cause of last night n part work. The week they didnt pay me, took over two weeks to pay me that weeks pay n was less than expected then only got pay slip tonight so ive been tryinh to figure out how on earth they managed to mess up even more what they were supposed to fix lol i finally figured it out and to be honest :woman_facepalming:it gave me worse headache… they made so much of a mess of it and of course again im.the one paying the price for it but on the bright side other than crazy day, long day, splitting headache no asthma attack so thats good. I just kept taking inhaler. Dizzy spells but made it thtough day, fuming at the mess up of pay cause of how it puts me in more financial strain than tbeyve put me in esp with everything costing more cause of work situation. But ive already made decision to leave. Its a matter of time. For my health for my sanity, for my wellbeing and financial situation i mean my clothes are falling apart but i cant buy new ones. I onlu have two work shirts but because another mess up from someone higher up the uniform allowance is 100 dolars less than supposed to and with 27 dollars just for delivery i have to wait for them to fix the amount before can get new work shirt yet alone pants not held together with safety pins, so sewn up in knees had to reverse n now other side is wearing so much have to wear leggings under not only to keep up but to hide thining on knees n seams falling apart. My shoes not much better. On surface not so bad but look closer my close are as bad as my body these days just hanging in there lol esp with fibro flare up at moment.

Its not all bad though, i say that in well im still doing just as much if nkt more work than was at higher position but at least dont need to study a course i dont have time for n just to help work out. I didnt need it. But the money save on the course is good cause now rent increasing so ill need that money n maybe can stop stressing over pressure to study a course that started as just to help out but turned into a nightmare that wouldnt end. Lol well now it has even if im still picking up after ppl. Lol some progress.

Ooh n just checked :crossed_fingers:tommorow may be a lil less crazy. Maybe at less ppl. So heres to hoping tommorow goes ok n weather ok cause kids should not be stuck inside all day tuesday rained all day so couldnt get outsude at all. Today was better so got to go out a few times. So :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:.

I did a few things to help protect but not as much as hoped. Too much needed ingredients i didnt have money or time to get. But at least injury wise today was better and hopeful tommorow will be ok.

I appreciate everyones support so thankyou everyone whose offered support. Its so appreciated. :sunflower::rose::blossom::cherry_blossom::heartpulse:


I just want to say that I’ve been there too- many years ago I was in a company that, while it was a fun job and had some pluses, HR was a disaster- every single paycheck of mine was less than what it should have been. Never over, mind you, always less- I had to watch it like a hawk and bring my timesheet to HR every week to get them to fix it. I was already working full time, but then I had to do HR’s job on top of my own! It was exhausting and frustrating :tired_face:

In the end, I did exactly what you are planning to do- I thanked them for the opportunity and went my own way. Looking back, I know it was the right decision for me!

I hope that everything works out well for you too, Phoenix- you are a very dedicated worker and put a lot of yourself into what you do. I hope you can find a new path in a place that appreciates you and treats you as well as you deserve! :pray: :heart:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Sometimes life just seems to gradually get worse and worse until it builds up to that Tower moment of realization, that no, things just can’t go on like this, something has to change. After the Tower comes the Star though, just like after every storm there’s calm again. Things are going to get so much better, and later we might even be grateful for the call for action. So much love and gentleness for you @Phoenix_Fire :star2: :revolving_hearts:


So quick update…
A near miss earlier today then taking bins out at work and fall down stairs thankfully minor injuries. But then i get home n all i wanted to do was the dishes n a knife flies out n nearly scewers me in the bare foot…
Now im thinking someone doing so bad mojo on me and i dont like it. Too many random things going wrong in one week and injuries, near misses etc and in 3 day period. I still got one day to survive. Im gonna need to do something about this cause this is really freaking me out esp how close that like full cutting knife nearly planted itself in my bare foot. I just wanted to do tge dishes.

It fully flicked up amd out and down like pointy part down…

I jumped back… dramatically. (Literally my feet kept into air n back)… swore… …
N decided someone has a voodoo doll of me n is trying to do me in :thinking::joy::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I clean bathroom at work after workman been drilling n shit n have asthma attack minor but still enough it took it a bit to recover. It took a bit but later figured out what triggered it. Then had another worse one on way home.

Get home n I check the mail n end up smacking face into bricks ( and lost inhaler n had to walk around trying to find it)

Wednesday seemed no major injury but ive had splitting headache since tuesday night…

Take rubbish out and fall down stairs. ( at work)

Try do dishes when get home and nearly have a flying knife stab me in the bare foot

Someone working some bad mojo and I don’t like it. .lol

I think i need to do a cleanse or stronger protection or something cause this is freaking me out how close n how much random stuff going wrong in 3 days. I still havr another day of work. . :scream::woman_facepalming::fearful:

I literally not sure what to do, but i know i need to do something cause the laugh otherwise ill cry is wearing thin and im actually starting to freak out someone is actually out to get me. Too many random stuff, things going wrong, close calls and accidents in 3 days… im.actually freaked out a bit. Ive got to do something. . I dint know what yet but i got to figure sonething out.


That’s definitely a lot! I would be worried if it was happening all week, too :people_hugging:

A cleanse and a protection amulet would be an excellent place to start! I also want to throw it out there that stress can also make us more prone to accidents, and it also has an effect on our health. It’s possible that the stress you’re under is affecting you in more ways than one. Maybe some de-stress time can help, too!


That does sound suspicious. Maybe this spell will help you.


Ive also realised that its the week of the phoenix for me. Im not saying all Christian would do it, or be that way but my old church sided with attacker. I wouldnt put it past them to send evil my way since they sided with him and believed him n attacked me when police got involved. I always saw the 11th june as when major trauma related to him happened but sometimes i forget he had done it before then on the 6th june as well. I had thought the 11adth of june would be difficult when it came but it wasn’t here. I only just realised it wasnt just one night, it was the 6th and the 11th which spanned over a period not quite a week. The 6th june saturday 2020 and 11 june thursday 2020. But then i checked the date. Todays the 8th. But that makes Tuesday when all this started the 6th. While i may not of made that connection until now, what if he had and had some how made a big enough deal to have ppl in the church praying against me. To send bad my way. From their view i consented n changed my mind n then lied to police. Only im not the one who got polive involved, my parents had when they found out. . Im not saying it is them sendinf bad energy or spirits my way if they see me as evil n the predator as innocent. That was the church that was raped, abused, kidnapped and gaslit in. They treated a panic attack as demon possession. Like it was messed up. N im glad to get out.

N im in no way saying all christians are like that. I know they arent all like that. Im not saying it is them sending bad shit my way because they think i was the evil person n maybe even if id not made connection of date maybe he haf and manipulated ppl to pray against me knowing id probably by vulnerable because a trauma annaversary.

It could be coincidence that the 6th june this year was tuesday when all this started. And maybe its in no way related. But it occured to me just now the dates n i checked today n then what Tuesday was. .

But maybe its coincidence. . But whether related or not coincidence or not. Im not going to take it lying down. Im stronger then i was an i can do something to protect myself regardless of where the attack might be coming from.

And yes stress can be a factor, though some has been tajen away some is still there. But i do like the ideas you had about a cleanse and protection amulet as well. Im not taking this lying down. I am a phoenix and i will rise from the ashes of the past. They may of tried to break me, but i will not stay down. I may not wish them harm, whoever or whatever is causing this (if coming from some form of spiritual attack) but im not going to just roll over and accept harm from others. Im not defenceless i can do things to protect myself from harm and one thing i love about this path is that it does empower you to take back the power over your own self that others have triedcnbtaken in the past. I actually have an idea for the cleanse part. The amulet. Hmm ill have to think bout that. Ive not had chancw to finish that piece was working on for last challenge maybe theres somethinh i can use that already have…ill hsve to have a look.


I fully support that! :clap: You’ve gotten away from all the bad stuff that happened, but that doesn’t mean it won’t still affect you in one way or another. I’m glad you’re taking matters into your own hands with the cleanse and the amulet! :heart: May it serve you in the way you need it!


Ok so im not sure if will work as well as thought as i didnt realise clary sage was not same as sage cause i knew sage was cleansing but looking at info on clary sage and neroli this may still be of some help i can even use it to draw runes on my body like ive been doing with algriz. There might be a rune for cleansing or maybe something else that might fit or bind rune with algriz for protection as well. I think it had been a gift i hadnt had vhance to use yet

I found these few bits of info stuck out about the ingredients that made me hopeful could still help

“On a spiritual level, Neroli aids in building a protective aura or shield around the inner being. So often we feel psychically attacked by the outside world, and Neroli can protect us against the dark negative feelings that creep in. It shines a light, reduces inner emptiness and restores a sense of self. Strength and courage come as gifts from Neroli.”

" Magical
Magically, Clary Sage is associated with vision. It is used to clear not only the physical eye, but also the third eye of the clairvoyant prior to channelling or divination. It lifts the spirit and helps detachment from emotionally difficult or painful situations. With emotional distance one gains a better perspective. It can be an aid to enter trance"

Clary Sage Correspondence

  • Clary sage is considered Feminine.
  • The vibration of clary sage is considered part of the air and earth elements.
  • Clary sage is associated with the moon and is ruled by Mercury.
  • Astrological signs of clary sage: Leo, Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn.
  • Clary sage is associated with the Deities Diana, Juno, and Luna.
  • Clary sage is comfortable in both the darkness and the light.
  • In the first year, clary sage aligns itself with winter and attunes itself to darkness and death.
  • In the second year, clary sage sends stalks up towards the sun.

Can clary sage be used to enhance trance and meditative states?

Clary sage contains calming, sedating esters, alcohols, and monoterpene compounds that can provide balancing and uplifting benefits that are beneficial when trying to achieve a meditative or trance-like state.

Clary sage can clear negative energies that prevent you from entering into a meditative state.

It is said that clary sage can help you obtain spiritual wisdom.

Now obviously its not the cleansing i was thinking of with sage but i liked how it talked about the "in the first year, clary sage aligns itself with winter and attunes itself to darkness and death
In the second year its stalks up towards the sun. "
It made me think of how a phoenix dies in the ashes and is reborn or how a seed planted in darkness grows up towards the light.

And then the bit i mentioned above, well it was copied n pasted with link to page above but ill copy again here this bit stuck out in protective sense
On a spiritual level, Neroli aids in building a protective aura or shield around the inner being. So often we feel psychically attacked by the outside world, and Neroli can protect us against the dark negative feelings that creep in. It shines a light, reduces inner emptiness and restores a sense of self. Strength and courage come as gifts from Neroli.”

It may not be what initially thought be with sage being cleansing but it might still be of use in situation…
Maybe im stretching to make it work but maybe im desperate lol


I don’t think you’re stretching to make it work. I think that the correspondences align with what you need! Plus, if you use the lotion to draw sigils or runes on your skin and then rub it in, that’s an added layer of magic itself!


Ok so i thought ok i got crystals maybe something can be talisman. Then i came up with these

And included what each card that explaned crystal n two talisman cards from rune card deck Algriz n sowilu and then found a bag for crystals and another to put all in

Even fits the clarysage and neroli cream in bigger bag😁i am feeling a bit more confident about tommorow already


Go you! :clap: :heart: It’s gonna be an amazing day for you tomorrow, I just know it!