Its time for a new book😁📚

Ok so Ostara haas come and gone and i find myself looking towards the new sabbat of Beltane ( for us folks in the south of the world, it be sahmain for those in north of the world).

So ive got room still for next years Ostara in my book of Ostara but with a new sabbat coming up i find myself looking for the note book to start my new book of beltane.

I found my oracle readings ended up being predominatly in a different book but as such it can continue to be for that. Im ok with adjusting as i go and learn…

But i may put spread outlines in the sabbat books. I have a book ive recorded spreads in, maybe once decide which ones i like i may put in there too or as they ate seasonal just kerp in the dedicated sabbat book.

But the rest i can put in each book and maybe can have a book last 2 years maybe 3 years depending how much i fill the book.

But so now im looking for which notebook i can use to start my book of beltane and already pinned lots of pictures etc on correpondances, rituals and spreads etc for beltane ready to dtaw on all my resources to put into my new book of beltane. Kinda like a book of shadows and mirrors in one ( i think).

Im excited to start a new book and explore beltane fully. Its a busy life i lead, but i consider this important enough to my path that i will make time for this and exploring this time with my clan.

On a side note, ive been encouraged to see that my oracle readings have been happening most days and if i didnt think i nay have time for normal one ive done a week reading and just done a reading duting werk when i could. Ive filled half a notebook with readings alre already just over past few weeks. Not quite a month. Im encouraged to see I’ve been able to connect to a deck of cards so well and to keep up to this practice. The main deck ive been using is called the enchanted map by collette baron reid. Ive found it so helpful and informative. Ive never connected so much to a deck before so that i have is very cool.


It sounds like you’ve been finding ways to manage your schedule and your Craft- that’s really amazing, Pheonix, and I’m proud of you!

Wishing you all the best as you prepare for Beltane. I hope the book is exactly what you are hoping for- please let us know what you think of it! :open_book: :blush:

Lots of love and Blessed Beltane to you! :fire::two_hearts:


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