It's time to ask for help

I know I have spoken about this very
Negative darkness looming over me. Usually I’m good at shaking it off.
I can’t shake this. Try as a might not to be I’m blocked somewhere. My mind is foggy and intentions muddy.
This is not depression, it’s just muddy energy.
I’m not locked up. I’m a first responder so I’m constantly around people. Which is actually worse. Everyone struggling and I can feel it, it just vibrates off of them.

So if you think about it, please think of me and help me gain a clear mind. Bright energy instead of this ick dark.
I need more than me. I just can’t do this on my own, though I would love to say I could do everything by myself. I just simply can’t this time.

Thank you for considering.



You are an empath. You are picking up all the negative energy of all the people around you. Its hard at this time because of what is going on is making some people very negative.

Fix youself a nice warm bath with herbs of your choice, a few candles and lay back and just listen to this chant…

as you do, see all the black scales people have attached to you just falling off.
you should feel much better after this and may have to do it a few times, I suggest also a good banishing spell which can be found on here-

Blessed Be others may have other ideas


I imagine this must be very hard- you are probably struggling under the weight of compassion fatigue. Sometimes a generous heart is a heavy weight to carry.

You are incredibly strong, @sarah9! :heart: It is clear that you have a wonderful heart and are a very warm and generous person- there is nothing wrong for reaching out when you need to :two_hearts:

Take some time for yourself- meditate, visualize, indulge in some things that make you happy. Treat yourself to a warm and soothing Tea Meditation :tea: , or perhaps a nice ritual bath with some candles :candle: and flower petals :rose:. Treat yourself!!! You are wonderful and you deserve it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sending so much love and good thoughts your way! :pray: :heart:


Sending you lots of positive vibes and just remember that you’re never alone. Both @roxanne and @TheTravelWitch offer wonderful suggestions. As a first responder (wow - that’s incredible of you) you’re always looking after others - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Now it’s time for you to First-Respond to yourself. Once you have found a comfortable place within then you can “unblock” your strength to shake-off the negativity. As said, sending you lots of positive vibes :hugs: :heart: