J anaprile Hardee

Hi, I’m newFB_IMG_1580405420036


Hi Jennifer!! :wave: Welcome to the forum!

Tell us about yourself! What’s your experience with the Craft? Have you been practicing for a while?

I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many useful and interesting things!

I encourage you to browse around the forum and comment on any topic that you like, or create a topic if you have a specific question or idea.

Also, explore the lessons here: Online Witchcraft Courses :books:


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HI! Nice to meet you!

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Merry Meet Jennifer! Glad you’re here!
Blessed Be,

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A very warm welcome to you, @jennifer28! :heart_decoration:

We are blessed to have you join us! I absolutely love your tattoos- is that a honey bee on your shoulder? :honeybee::honey_pot: It looks awesome!

Feel free to make yourself at home here in the forums! You can check the Where in the World are Witches post to find other witches near you. Browse the forums, and jump in on any topics that catch your eye! Or, create your own to begin a new discussion :+1:

It is a pleasure to meet you and I can’t wait to talk with you more soon. Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart:

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Hello @jennifer28 and welcome to the forum! You’ll meet a lot of people her who have a lot of information to share. Please don’t be shy! There’s a weekly challenge, this week’s challenge is on kitchen magic. And we have a weekly tea/coffee time on Thursdays. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Hi welcome! I hope you find this place as relaxing and helpful as I do! Everyone here is great and very supportive and helpful!

I love your tattoos! I have my back done, I was never brave enough to do anything on my arms or anywhere else.

I hope you have a great day! Talk to you soon!