January 2022 Oracle Card Draws

January 2022 Oracle Card Draw & Message

Should anyone want to share their Oracle Card draw with the coven for any reason, please feel free to do so!

I personally have 3 have Oracle Decks. Right now I am drawn to the Celtic Tree Oracle, but I do have an Inner Child Oracle Deck & Radiant Crystal Oracle Deck.

I know others have some wonderful decks also, so now there is a place to share your card draws & how they relate to your or a situation or just for coven guidance in general. However you would like to do it to share with us within this thread.

Have a great day everyone! :two_hearts: :infinite_roots:

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Saturday, January 1, 2022

I shuffled the deck 3 times & pulled 18. Ur Heather/Mistletoe

Ur Heather/Mistletoe Ur Heather represents healing & spiritual development & acts as a gateway between worlds. She will help us manifest our wishes & stimulate our dreams. She is protective & promises good luck. Mistletoe is known as panacea & represents the invisible life essence shared with its host the Oak. Thus, this plant brings in the essence of divinity & supports survival & immortality. Together Heather & Mistletoe represent a closer relationship with the spirit world & promise healing. They represent the continuity of life & the promise of the eternal life of the spirit.

Upright: A link between our earthly plane & the spirit world. Thus, when you receive this card, communications with the spirit world ~ via divine intervention – can result in healing. Pay attention to dreams, visions, & synchronicities. Prayer or mediation is helpful here as is ritual. Spend time in nature. When this card appears it may be time to address an issue that needs healing, whether the healing necessary is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Message We, the Heather & the Mistletoe bring you healing energy. We represent the summer sun of abundance, beauty, fertility, & growth. We come to you with joy & exuberance… Together we offer you protection, energetic cleansing of the negative, abundance & good luck.

I hope the New Year is starting wonderfully for everyone & that the New Moon brings some amazing New Beginnings.



Nice i have the same deck as the image its my favourite one… i drew the deep replenishment card- Retreat, rest, be held… Just what i need for the beginning of this new year… I find I always draw what I truely need rather than what I want…


Hope you have a wonderful new year too :partying_face:


Good morning! Well, it’s just after 8 AM here… ANYWAY!!!

I have found with each Celtic Tree draw that I have done, I may ask what the coven needs for guidance today… but the relevance to myself is astounding. A lot of times my daily rune draw & oracle coincide with each other along with whatever I may be going through.

I think your New Year will have many happy surprises. No one puts in this much work without continued rewards. :blush:


I’m using the Nature’s Whispers Oracle deck. #15 Catch Your Breath Basically, it says to take a break, regroup, and stabilize myself. Clear ill will towards anyone and also ask for forgiveness so to clear the way to move forward.


Thank you! This is such a great idea!


Ooh, I love the artwork!! Thanks for sharing :relaxed:


I felt called to use the Sacred Earth Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno.
I pulled Revolution.

Earthly Meaning: Avoid comparison. It is neither too soon nor too late to claim your life for yourself. There’s no right way to live your life. There’s no wrong way or set pace to follow your path. Be wary of false markers. It is not always time to harvest. Without periods of rest, planning, planting and nurture, there may be no harvest.


You know that I had to use a crystal deck :laughing:
I have the Crystal Oracle also by Toni Carmine Salerno. I had no clue that they’re created by the same person.

I chose Labradorite. Since there’s like an entire story on this stone, I’ll just use the affirmations given.

At the heart of all creation only love exists. It stirs within my heart as it moves the earth and stars through endless cycles. All is interwoven with light. All is interconnected with love.


Oh I love seeing the different decks & their messages :star_struck: Each one had a bit of meaning for me today. Another day of taking my time & doing what I’m called to for the day. I don’t mind. There are 3 other very able bodied people in the house with me :joy:

@christina4 when I was adding the oracles draws to the affirmations post, it didn’t feel right. I felt the single card draw needed it’s own space in the forum :blush:


Sunday, January 2, 2022

I shuffled the deck 3 times & pulled 3. Fearn Alder Reversed

Fearn Alder The Fearn Alder initiates in the third lunation and represents guidance and initiative. This tree also represents leadership, power, and strength. If you need backbone in a dispute, this tree offers you strength and resolve as well as protection. Alder holds both male & female powers & shows us how to balance these aspects within us.

Reversed: You may be too dependent on your feminine or masculine role or energy. Rowan asks you to address any imbalances in this area. Remember you are not confined to any role. You have full choice in how you create your life.

You may be denying access to spiritual messages & guidance. Perhaps you are ignoring the fact that you require help & healing. Check in & see if you are being overly resistant. Help is available, but you must ask for it before guides can come forward. They need your permission to assist you.

Message I am the Fearn Alder & I am delighted to speak with you today. What is your question? Take a moment to fully contemplate what you want to know. Now listen deeply. Sit in the silence at your heart center. Take all the time you need. When you feel ready, look out the window or go for a walk. Notice which birds you see. A raven or crow can bring a message from your ancestors or loved ones that have passed over.

Tonight is the New Moon :new_moon: which seems really fitting for the day after the New Year :tada: :sparkles: :sparkles:



What is the significance of an “Oracle” deck? I have been collecting Tarot cards for many years, and I have several decks that say “Oracle” on them.


~30~ Cosmic Diamond, the Magic of Unicorns Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper
I have been working with the 9th dimension, so this confirms that I am on the right path. I am now combining the Light of Archangel Gabriel, my Diamond Unicorn, and the Ninth Dimension.

Friendship, Oracle of the Fairies by Karen Kay
It’s a time to gather with friends and a time to make new friends. I am being asked, “Am I a good friend?” or “Is there an old friend I need to reach out to?”


Mine was Make a Wish-I like this card:)
This card is a clear reminder to set clear intentions about what you wish for in life. You are being asked what you would like. What would you wish for?


Good evening! Oracle is a bit different from tarot. They are a kind of divination called cartomancy. You may want to review this topic & the replies. There is some good information there.

Tarot Cards vs. Oracle Cards

I use my Oracle decks for guidance. Some decks the meanings are on the cards or not meant to be read reversed. Others have an image & the name &/or number of the card & there’s an associated guidebook.

I have the Way of Beginner’s which is always read upright & the message is on the card. I have the Celtic Tree Oracle & they are read reversed & have a guidebook. I also have an Inner Child deck that gives you guidance on incorporating or healing your Inner Child. I do have a Radiant Crystals Oracle deck coming & it has a guidebook also.

Personally I draw 1 card a day for my message from whichever deck I feel connected to, lately it’s been the Celtic Tree Oracle.

For more clarity or other types questions, I will do a tarot reading from whichever deck I feel the connection with out of the Light Seers Tarot, Celtic Tarot, & Tarot of the Divine. Usually between 3 & 5 cards.

If I really need assistance with clarity, I ask a friend of mine for a clarity reading from her Etsy Shop Round the Cauldron Etsy Shop (the lovely @MeganB is the owner

I hope this helps! :heart:


Monday, January 3, 2022

I shuffled the deck 3 times & pulled 14. Straif Blackthorn

Straif Blackthorn shares the 12th lunation with Reed but represents different themes & energies. Blackthorn’s main question is this: How do we deal with seemingly negative situations? Do we see them as purposeful? Does it matter how we approach them? A difficult & disruptive period often marks the beginning of a necessary deep change.

Upright You are in need of protection. Energetically the spile like thorns of this tree can help, especially when you visualize a Blackthorn thicket springing up around you to shield you. This tree can help you to set clear, strong boundaries about what & whom you will et in & what & whom you will not.

Although you may not have a choice about what is happening in your life, you do have a choice about how you relate to any challenges. Drawing this tree can remind you to choose the equanimity that will help you move through these difficult times.

You are in the process of growing your character, if you are never challenged, you are unlikely to grow. For this reason, you can look at opposition & adversarial forces as allies. Difficulties are teachers, and negative situations bring lessons to learn. When one door closes another door opens.

Message I am the strong & impenetrable Blackthorn. I challenge you to see any difficulty you may be experiencing as an opportunity to let go of a pattern that is harmful to you or is holding you back from growth & maturity. You may resist, but the sooner you look to your own attitudes & beliefs, the sooner you can get on with your life. When you run into trouble, look into your own mind, heart, & soul. Put your attention on what you are learning & what is required of you. Seek the higher road. Apply patience & be kind to yourself & others. Breathe deeply & know that this too shall pass.



I love my tarot decks, but I haven’t invested in an oracle deck yet! So it is so lovely to be able to come here and see everyone’s inspirational messages (as well as gorgeous oracle decks- wow! :heart_eyes:)

Thanks to everyone for sharing their oracles, and to @Siofra for taking the time to make this wonderful place to share cards and interpretations! :heart::blush:


Thank you so much @Siofra, this really helps!


I would like to start an Angel Oracle Card Reading for 2022 year.
The Card That I have chosen for January 2, 2022, is:

Image Source is from Kyle Gray Oracle Deck

Your Message
Angels and loved ones in heaven are sending you signs of their presence now. You may be seeing the same number of patterns or sequences, finding feathers, seeing the same birds at special times, or even feeling that you’re being visited by a loved one or angle in dreams or at some point in your day. These are all messages of support. You are on the right path and you are being guided to know that you do not walk this path alone. In times of need, angels are beside you, blessing your heart with love and healing. And your angels and loved ones in heaven will never leave you. Their love will never die.

Extended Message
Angels love to send us signs because often we’re not in a space where we can fully listen to their guidance, most of the time because we’re too busy or not willing to listen to the messages we hear on the inside, and signs catch our attention. They remind us that our angels and loved ones in spirit are with us and willing to help us. If you have ever found yourself questioning certain events or signs, it’s because somewhere within you, you don’t feel fully adequate or worthy of the love that is being shown to you. Know that you are worthy.
When you receive a sign, there is an important step that you must take in order to usher miracles into your life: call in help. A sign is a message that help is available, so welcome it in with an open heart.

I wish you all a wonderful day :sun_with_face: :tarot_card: :woman_mage:
Blessed be.