January 2022 Oracle Card Draws

OH thank you! It has been a great 1 for me these last couple/few weeks. Really hitting home, my Celtic Tree Oracle does the same thing & my daily rune draws… intuition getting better all the time! I am going to continue using this deck, but when my new deck comes in… there will be some new draws thrown in there too.


Thursday, January 2022

I shuffled the inner Child Oracle Deck by Amanda Lynn Hails 3 times & drew the Live Intentionally card.

Today, be mindful of your routines & rituals, ones that are purposeful & ones that are unconscious creating space to practice discipline in these areas. At bedtime each night, plan one small section for the next day. It is also good practice to pause throughout your day and ask yourself how you can live intentionally, right now?


Friday, January 21, 2022

I shuffled my Inner Child Oracle Deck by Amanda Lynn Hails 3 times & drew: Listen

The inner child is comprised of many different aspects of our childhood & at different times in our adult life, will need their voice to be heard. Practice listening to your inner child now, asking what it is they have to tell you & responding to them with understanding & kindness. Responsive journaling is a good exercise for this.

I hope everyone has a great start to the weekend! We have cold weather & snow falling. So I’m getting what I need to get done as early as possible. :laughing:



Good Afternoon, wish you all a wonderful day.

January 21, 2022, Friday

Shuffled the deck 3 times and Received: Divine Timing

image source from Kyle Gray Oracle Deck

image source from Kyle Gray Oracle Deck Guide Booklet

Have a wonderful Friday everyone :sparkles: :woman_mage: :mage: :wand_tarot:


I am loving these posts ladies. Thank you for sharing you cards each day that you are able! They are lovely decks.

I do have to learn more about enjoying my company. I have worked on a lot & my meditation skills have gotten better, I’m up to 15 minutes still & they are guided.

The timing of life’s challenges for me tells me that this year I’m headinged down the perfect path.


Saturday, January 22, 2022

I shuffled my Inner Child Oracle Deck by Amanda Lynn Hails 3 times & drew: Let Go

It is now time to let go of all that no longer serves you. Free the pent-up energy inside of you & imagine it leaving your body as you breathe deeply. Forgive disappointments & pains, do not allow bitterness in. Let go of control & allow for that which needs to die to die, so that you may blossom once more.


I used my Inner Child Oracle deck, by Amanda Lynn Hails . The card that I drew today is:

Let It Come Forth

Repressed emotions can subconsciously fuel many of our behaviors & interactions within the world, and so it is good to explore these when we can. Find a place that feels safe & begin by asking yourself if there is anything that needs to be spoken aloud & released. Observe what comes forth without judgment.


Monday, January 24, 2022

I shuffled the Inner Child Oracle Deck by Amanda Lynn Hails 3 times & drew:

A Time to Remember

A photograph can be a powerful tool on your inner child journey. What we feel for our inner child can be addressed as we look at images of our younger self. Create space to through the photographs of your childhood. Gaze at each image & practice sending love, acceptance, forgiveness, or whatever you need to the little you.


Good Afternoon Everyone, it is a beautiful sunny day today.

January 23, 2022, Monday.

Shuffled the deck three times and received this card: Sacred Plan

image source from Kyle Gray Oracle Deck

Your Message:
This card doesn’t represent the plan that God has for your life, more the plan that comes to fruition based on your intentions and your highest good. You have been given the incredible gift of free will and therefore your thoughts, deeds, actions, and intentions are in some way going out into the universe and curating the experiences, opportunities, and energies that are flowing in and out of your life. When this card appears, you are being encouraged to move into a state of surrender, where you recognize that yes, your intentions have an impact on the creation of your life, but how those intentions unfold is not down to you but in the hands of God. The divine plan is your intentions unfolding in a way that God/the universe feels is for your growth and highest good. Know that every experience you have been through in your life has been a way-maker on your journey towards growth and expansion. And your angels are acknowledging your growth now.

Your Extended Message:
If you are trying to force a plan into action, the angelic guidance is to back down and trust in the greater good. Often when something isn’t happening for us, we’re frustrated, but that’s only because we don’t see that our “perfect plan” is unfolding. When your ideas or plans go wrong, trust that the universe has a greater plan for you. And that greater plan isn’t something that has already been chosen for you, it’s more of a culmination of all of your life’s intentions, prayers, and actions washing back toward you with opportunities and experiences.
Call on your angels to light up the path ahead. You may feel that you are facing the unknown, but know that you are always guided and protected.

I hope you all have a wonderful day :tarot_card: :sun_with_face:
Blessed Be. :dizzy:


Oh what a beautiful card @debra2! Thank you so much for your draws each day. :heart:


It is isn’t it @Siofra_Strega, I was motivated when I started reading the meanings. This card spoke to me so much today! :tarot_card: :dizzy:


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

I shuffled the Inner Child Oracle Deck by: Amanda Lynn Hails

The beauty of nature offers our souls unlimited nourishment. Go outside today & connect with the earth. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, touch the softness of a plant, listen to the babble of a stream. Dig your toes into the rich soil & feel yourself connected to this wondrous place we call home.

I won’t be able to participate in this one due to the weather, we are wet, slushy, muddy, & cold without any sun. :sob: This is one that I will definitely do though.


** Tuesday January 25th **
I used Black Obsidian to help with spirit communication, psychic protection, grounding,Cleansing a negativity element earth chakras root!
I felt lead to use my “Whispers of Healing Oracle Cards” bye Angela Hartfield! Since I could use my spirit guides to help me learn to heal my wounds that are there in my life.


My own intake from my spiritual guides is the fact that there is a boy who can be my son who is in the hospital, maybe that he is taking the steps to grow !He could be going into his own inner child to grow spiritually and mentally! He is dealing with a lot of hard emotions and that makes it really difficult to sit with! But the boy looks attentive to learning his self and finding ways to cope.
In the guidebook
As humans we are perpetually learning and growing. Learning to handle emotions comes from attentiveness. Managing stress anxiety and anger is a learned skill. Understand what sets off your distress or anger. Choose how you will respond to your triggers more effectively. Process with the approach until it becomes an automatic response. You may feel you are resistant to learning the lesson at hand. The reasons for a resistance Barry. It may be stubbornness, habit or self-destructive pattern. During times of conflict your lesson may be more Crisis orientated. You may be in denial about some thing in your life. It can be hard to face your fears and omit your weaknesses. Issues May build to a point where you need to address your reactions. Be honest with yourself. Are you in an addictive cycle? Are you accepting responsibility for your role in the situation? You may need an outside source to help you break out of a pattern. Once you recognize an unhealthy pattern you can learn how to improve your existing situation. Try new approaches and be open to not knowing what will happen next. Asked to learn this lesson with grace. A child holds a single stock of wheat with the ladybug on it. We denotes the use of caution and wisdom. The child studies a ladybug to learn what she is going to do. The lady bug represents delight and knowing that cannot be taught. Can you remember how you were as a child? Children are often able to create exactly what they want through positive thinking, resourcefulness and persistence. Throughout life, you have learned to doubt and fear. Be like a child willing to learn and an out of the world around you. The butterflies in the pictures are symbols of transformation. If you are willing to work on the situation, transformation is inevitable. The prevalence of green means healing and abundance are not far from you!
Honestly it’s not about my son it’s about me and how I need to face my fears!
Thank you for this message spirit guides!


Thank you for adding your reading! That is a gorgeous deck too! The cards are beautiful.


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

I shuffled my Inner Child Oracle Deck by Amanda Lynn Hails 3 times & drew: It Is Time To Give

It is time to treat yourself and/or others to something magical, mystical, and fantastical! What the treat consists of is not as important as the spirit in which it is enjoyed. When thinking of the perfect something, reflect on how it would make you feel. Does it connect you to feelings of wonder & joy? If so, you have got a winner.


I really like your deck its really nice and I love the art work! It does give me joy! It would be nice to go to a waterfall and be in nature! The colors are very vibrant and I could imagine that it would clear the chakras and put myself back into alignment! I could only dream right know but it is a awsome dream encounter! It sounds like a love encounter! I would love to encounter this love that comes from being outdoors! I see earth, the waters and the birds! I get a mystical feel and spirit is telling me that could be really good for me!


**January 26 **
Juan Yin Oracle
To get in the mindset of Kuan Yin Oracle I used a little music to intervene during my reading, it is
for you too if you like Kuan Yin Music



My chakras were not feeling as good as I should have been but know “I Choose to reveal the peacock beauty the gloriousness of my own higher creativity and it’s full splendor”
Revel The Peacock Beauty
I Imagined my red chakra at the base being cleared and a red light of beaming light. A blue, green and purple peacock that is radiant and shines! So mote it be! I used a amethyst for my highest good and connected to my wisdom and intuition!
So I hope you have a blessed day and hopefully this reading inspired your soul so you can be happy and blessed!


Thank you so much! You have a gorgeous deck also! The imagery is stunning! I like that you added the song for it too! Amazing job!Thank you so much!


Thursday, January 27, 2022

I shuffled the Inner Child Oracle Deck by: Amanda Lynn Hails 3 times & drew:

Run Wild

It is time to give in to the wild childlike nature that resides in all of us. Cultivate a spirit of play & allow yourself to get messy. Go barefoot in the mud, be outside in the rain, finger paint & just be unproductive. Find pleasure in letting go of the notion that you have outgrown your untamed nature, allowing your inner child to run wild.