Jars and Bottles

I am curious what we all do with our Jars and Bottles that we are making.

Some that went through the past few posts are so cool, pretty and completely do able.

But after they are made, what do I do?

If it is small enough, carry it like a crystal in my pocket? Display around my house?

Do we ever open them up and empty the contents?

Keep forever and recharge from time to time?

Love you Wise Ones :love_you_gesture:


My opinion of the spell bottles and jars is the intention you put into making it. Selecting the different herbs and or crystals for there meaning to what you want to achieve, whether its for protection, luck, love, whatever. You can carry it with you. You can wrap a rope around it and wear it as a necklace if you want. I put mine on my shelf and when I look at it I know what it’s purpose is. And from what I understand they don’t last long, and you may have to refresh it. Not sure on that but I think I read it somewhere. I know I made one a while ago and dumped it because I couldn’t remember what was in it or what I made it for. Now I write it all down so I don’t forget. Lol


If the spell has been completed and the results have manifested, the ingredients have now served their purpose and are void. The jar can be opened, the elements safely removed from the jar and disposed of.

Some people choose to bury the remains of the spell, others prefer to toss them in water, or you could simply put them in the trash container as you give Thanks.


I tied some twine around mine and am wearing it as a necklace. Tomorrow I have to go back to work so I will carry it in my pocket. Mine was a self love spell, so it’s ongoing. Every time I have a thought about putting myself down I touch the bottle to remind me to love myself and stop the negative self talk. It has worked very well.


It just depends. Some spell bottles are made to be refreshed and kept forever. Some are made to serve a limited purpose and then be disposed of. Some are tiny enough to carry with you everywhere while others are too large and hefty.


@MeganB I have been carrying this bottle around for about 2 weeks. How do I refresh it?


Depends! I recharge mine by either candle flame or energy. Some are designed to recharge them through kinetic energy, eg shaking a jar.


I shake mine several times a day. It seems to be working great. Thank you!


You’re welcome :blush:


Excellent question!

I have only one so far. I recharge it with full moonlight.


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