Jupiter alignment with the Sun

I read the spells email about leaving amethyst out to charge while Jupiter was in alignment with the Sun and was wondering what time should I leave my Amethyst crystals out to charge at?

I live in Ireland


Merry meet and welcome! There are lots of knowledgeable people here. As far as charging crystals goes I would ask christina4. She may find your post and be along any minute!

Everyone here is friendly, so feel free to ask anything and join in!


Merry meet @Shannon10 and welcome to the Infinite Roots Coven! :infinite_roots:

If you’re talking about today’s Email Newsletter (the August 19th Letter) I don’t see anything about Jupiter and Amethyst- perhaps it was from another date?

In general, when charging magickal items or making Moon Water under the influence of a celestial force (moon, planet, star, etc.) the general advice is that you can place it out at any time during the night, but it is best to bring it back inside before the sun rises.

  • You don’t need to leave the water outside all night. A few hours is enough, but make sure to collect it before dawn, before the sunlight touches it.

From Spells8: Making Moon Water

This belief will vary from witch to witch, but many believe that the energy of the sun has different properties which can influence or even contradict with the energies of nocturnal forces. Charge at night or charge with the sun, but many choose not to overlap the two for these reasons.

For the specifics of crystals, I agree with @Undomeher- @Christina4 is a crystal expert and may have some Amethyst-specific advice for you!

It’s a pleasure to meet you and I wish you the best with your charging. Blessed be! :sparkles:


I’m not sure about planets. But the sun will ruin your amethyst and turn it into heat treated citrine if you leave it out in the sunlight for and amount of time. Honestly I would leave it no more than a half hour to an hour and that’s it, if you need to charge it that way.
Sorry I can’t help with Jupiter :pleading_face:
I did find this though:
High Quality Quartz– The quartz will help to magnify all of Jupiter’s benefic qualities. It will help raise the vibration of the Sun in the chart and bring the Sun’s vibration to a high spiritual level and thus helping the Sun and Jupiter to reflect their benefic spiritual purposes.

What does high quality mean? Very clear, strong clarity, preferably naturally terminated for this case.

Pointing downwards or upwards? Pointing down specifically because the energy will be drawn in through the base of the crystal down out through the point into the energy body and will continue to circulate.
Source-Astro Gemology – Freedom Vidya

:star:Meaning, only high quality quartz is able to pick up on the sun in Jupiter’s alignment energies. I’d suggest charging it with moon light, it’s more potent and can’t harm crystals. :waning_crescent_moon: