Jupiter goes Direct 🍀

In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of joviliaty, humour, expansion, growth, luck and abundance :sparkle: (which fits in quite nicely with this week’s challenge :wink:) and, when direct, brings forward the qualities it retains.

Jupiter has been in retrograde since May 14th and is about to turn direct this weekend (12th or 13th depending on your location) in the structured sign of Capricorn :capricorn: which means it will be through responsible behaviour that we are most likely to reap abundance.

We are not only talking about financial abundance :heavy_dollar_sign: here, but also abundance via good health :apple:, happiness, love :heart:, companionship :couple: and abundant recognition through hard work :muscle:

When Jupiter is direct in Capricorn, we see doing the right thing and the expected thing, tends to work in our favour :fireworks: Jupiter’s energy is also focused on pushing the limits so it can grow and expand. This direct season should therefore see us wanting to grow for the greater good; this will be an “abundance for all vibe” not a selfish one :sparkles:

It’s at the point that Jupiter ends it’s retrograde period that we can feel it’s influence more keenly, so it’s vital we use this time to search for areas in which we can grow and that we are ready to take those opportunities when we do discover them! :high_brightness:

This weekend, therefore, is the perfect time for guided meditations on personal growth :seedling:

Happy weekend to all :blossom:

Ps. If you do decide to do some work on personal growth this weekend, please let us know what you discover :pray:



Here’s a link to some lovely guided meditations :star2: I will personally be trying one of the Personal Transformation ones :slight_smile:


When you brought it up I certainly didn’t know what to expect… But I definitely felt that bumpy retrograde energy the last few weeks!

This sounds great, I hope it will help! Thanks for all your suggestions @mrs Abs!! :smiley:


Thank you kindly @mrs I need to meditate right now. Im just thinking about attempting to resolve an issue (yeah, another one) with my mother and I have bad anxiety. I need to work on letting her know how I feel. That’s working on personal growth. She is so rude and I just want to take my kids and disappear! I’m so sorry I just need to vent. And Spells8 is my ONLY outlet. Although I go on other forums just to say hi and see what’s happening but that’s mostly it.


Hi there, I’m new to the site, I was checking it out when I came upon your post, I too deal with loved ones that know without a shadow of a doubt that I am evil, and doing the devils work. Unfortunately for me, it’s my children. My daughter doesn’t have anything to do with me anymore, I’ve not seen her since August 2016, and it rips my heart out, everyday… My son tolerates me, but is constantly preaching to me, and sometimes it gets pretty ugly. But, I am, what I am. I tell my son that “ignorance” is not a good look on him.
I loved the astrological reading, not only was it “right on”, it was beautifully written. I hope that’s something you do on a regular basis…


It’s been a strange old year to say the least :joy:

Thankfully, going forward, with the planets slowly going direct, I think things might get calmer :upside_down_face: for the end of the year / start of 2021.

I’m going to have a delve into next year at some point this weekend and maybe revisit the yearly tarot spread :sparkles: so I’ll post some highlights :grin:


Welcome, Teresa!

That is so sad. I can feel the pain in your words. I wish I could just give you a hug and make things better.

As long as he’s a good person, his beliefs shouldn’t bother you. But I agree that he should be respectful and keep the preaching to himself when talking to you.

Best of luck :pray:


Rant away love. We’ll be here for you. Maybe family counseling, or would she not go? It might do you good, even if she won’t go. Wish I could do more for you love. :hugs: :sparkling_heart:


I’m sorry @teresa1 that your family doesn’t support you. I can’t imagine how difficult that would be. :hugs: If you wan to talk, we’ll be here for you.


I’m really thinking about it but not today tho, it’s her birthday.

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Well, welcome to the forum! And I completely know that feeling of being isolated due to beliefs. Sorry for that! Nobody deserves to be mistreated that way.


I feel for both of you & it breaks my heart. I went through trauma for a very long time and have the scars to prove it. You will make it through this. Only you know the right ways to handle the situations, but acceptance of yourself and talking to the others is a good start. I hope you can find a common ground with them and they don’t stop reaching out to you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


Wish her a happy birthday for me if you think it will help. If not, just keep quiet. LOL


Hi @teresa1, so sorry to read about your children :disappointed: I hope you can reconcile with your daughter one day and that both your children will come to accept your beliefs and love you for who you are :heart:

Thank you very much, I love astrology and I do post regularly on the topic :sparkles:


Hooray! This is awesome information, @mrs- and yes, it does match up with the timing of the abundance challenge quite nicely! :grin: :raised_hands: This sounds like a great time to draw in abundance- in so many different aspects! I’ve tried an abundance spell and ritual bath with good results over the past couple days- thanks, Jupiter! :pray::milky_way:

Sorry to hear about the difficulties with your children, @teresa1. It makes me sad that they are unwilling to listen and see things through your point of view. It can be hard and I hope they open up someday, but remember that family goes beyond blood ties. You are very, very welcome in the forum family here! :heart: Make yourself at home and feel free to reach out whenever you need some support :hugs:


He is an amazing young man… he loves me very much, he always does good by me, and I know he only wants the best for me. He doesn’t get ugly about it, but sometimes he can get obsessive about some things, such as holidays.


Thank you, feels good just knowing that.


Thank you so much, you guys had already helped me, even before I joined…


Out of the blue my daughter sent me an email, she apologized for her behavior and asked my forgiveness, wow… you could have knocked me over with a feather.


Sorry to hear about your situation. Hopefully, it resolves someday.
Blessed be.