Just a thought about my crystals

A little bit of a profound moment. I was sitting outside in the sunshine just gazing down at my most recently acquired piece of Black Tourmaline not necessarily thinking of much really, just looking at the patterns and the colour in the sunlight having a quiet little giggle to myself about how it matched my hair and these random thoughts just entered my mind…

“Did anybody ever ask you if it was ok to take you from your happy home in the earth?”, “did you even want to come and live with me to help me?”, “are you happy here with me?”. I hope so.

I feel like I owe all of my crystals a huge apology for just trotting out whenever I felt like it and purchasing them for my own benefit without ever really thinking about it. I think of them as my little buddies and occasionally I talk to them. I am going to make a point of giving thanks to my crystals a lot more often.

Thank you to all the little crystal buddies out there for doing what do what they do and making life that little bit easier.

Apologies for the randomness of that one. I just thought to share the little things that just popped into my mind.


I like this! They didn’t ask to be pulled from the earth. I make sure that they have a good home! I talk to and thank mine too. I’m glad I’m not the only one!!