Just one of those days I had to laugh off my clumsiness

Hi everyone, so today was so funny! In addition to being my 14th anniversary, I also wore my shirt inside out and burnt a line across my brow from the jumbo sized incense singed a tiny bit of my eyebrow off… I think if it wasn’t for my positive attitude since this morning (busting moves while driving all morning) I am pretty sure I would have just been like “nope I ain’t doing today” and would have just given up but man it is funny :laughing: oh and on top of that I wanted to do a spell after who knows how long, my macaw blue, was stealing all my herbs and essential oils leaving me to hide them and try again tonight :parrot::blush:


Blue says “no magick now, mom, pay attention to me instead!” :parrot: :joy:

Sorry to hear that it was a tough time- I hope things have been getting better! May all the chaos be out of the way so you can enjoy things from here forward. Happy anniversary! :tada:

Lots of love and blessed be!


That does sound like a crazy day but you made it through. Hope you get to try your spell and out smart the bird.


I think we’ve all had one of those days. I’m glad you survived it. Maybe your Blue was worried about what you’d spell up if you worked something. LOL!


Oh goodness :joy: it sounds like a hilarious day for you and I’m glad you were able to take it all in stride!

Happy anniversary to you as well! :tada: :revolving_hearts:


I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! Glad you were able to make it through with a few laughs :wink:


Sounds like a little chaos magic hit you’re world. You’re still smiling, and you made me smile too with that bird. Fabulous. Hoping tomorrow is free of chaos for you. Happy Anniversary :sparkling_heart:


Wow, sounds like a lot went on, I hope you at least got to enjoy your anniversary, happy anniversary.