Just realized that I'm a witch. Now what?

Hey family,


Well I
Recently had to move for the first time in 35years from Golden colorado to now Archie misssouri. It’s going ok I guess. I’m lonely but have comfort in familiars.

Recently discovered that I’m born a witch explains my mothers perssistace in raising us kids in the very tradditional Catholic church . recalling her statements to her parents " I just want you kids to be normal living normally lives with normal people. Like everyone else here does.

I didn’t wake up one day saying huh I think I want to be a witch today. It was One I was awakened
Traumatic only recognizing that holy crap I’m a witch.

So joining me on this un
Knowen future of ours together on a

Self discovery path I will keep you informed and involved every step along the way. Posting what we may discover and our bond unbreakable for generations to come.

All spells and donations are gratelly appreciqtedd and rewarded by law of 3 . supplies are allwaays graciously accepted taking assurance in knowing that if I eat we all eat.

Lost of a life Jessica greeno


You are in the right place.
You need to read books of Witchcraft,
Practice witchcraft,
Study online courses on witchcraft,
Practice divination,
Have rune-tarots,
Journal work,
Participate at our challenges,
Do some research work wicca and share with us.

It’s actually a hobby. So, why don’t you start with this: https://spells8.com/all-courses/


I’m Christina and I’m from New York. I’m curious about what you mean by donations? There are courses you can take here that teach you all there is to know about the craft and spells and the Wiccan ways. Here’s that link: :link:

If you need any help, please ask as I love to help others.
Blessed be :pray:


That was exactly what I was looking for. Ty for donation of your time to read and resspondd.


Oh ok :joy: I’m sorry I had to ask. Just wanted clarification. But absolutely ask if you need help with anything please


@jessea hello and welcome


Wishing you a warm welcome, @jessea!

Congrats to you on your discovery- you had magick in you all along. I’m so happy you heard the call and found your way here :blush:

As others have mentioned, feel free to make yourself at home in the forum. There are activities like the Weekly Witchy Challenge and group ritual every Thursday- you are warmly invited to join!

Looking forward to talking with you more soon- Blessed be :sparkles: