Just some new little crystals to add to the collection

Hi just wanted to share the new crystals I picked up for a bargain a lovely girl was selling since her business closed down.


Does anyone use spirit crystals in their practice or labradorite? I felt very attached to these pieces so i brought them…


Hi again, no I am not stalking you, but it’s just about 5 AM here on Sunday & I’ve been up since 4 AM with everyone in my house asleep. I do have to keep my bracelets under my sleeve so they don’t click & clack off my laptop & wake my husband.

Anywho I love Labradorite. I have a palm stone, rough, a small tower… it’s a great stone.

Labradorite is often gray in composition, but known for its “flash” or “flame” when it catches the light. When polished, Labradorite flashes an iridescent rainbow of colors including blue, green, and gold, amongst other colors. It has a glassy, pearly shine when polished. It is partially translucent to opaque, and in its natural form has a rough, gritty texture.

Highly mystical, Labradorite heightens intuition and enhances psychic abilities, making it great for working with the Third Eye Chakra. Intuition and intellect are balanced by Labradorite, illusions are dispelled and true intentions are seen more easily with its use.

Labradorite is also very protective against negative energies, balancing, strengthening, and protecting the aura and sealing the aura from energy leaks.

Labradorite is a stone of transformation and change. Labradorite enhances the strength of will and feelings of inner worth. It is useful for bringing up and healing old memories, including past life issues. Labradorite can also help prepare the body and soul for ascension.

Labradorite can aid in communicating with our highest self and with the creator. It helps to assist when facing and navigating all types of changes and challenges, attracting strength and perseverance.

Labradorite is one of the best stones to use when dealing with any type of addiction or to break unhealthy (physical, mental, etc.) habits.

Labradorite - Healing Crystals

I hope this information helps you. The website also has an app where you can search by condition or stone & it will give you the properties of each stone you should use for which condition or a metaphysical explanation.


I love crystals! These are beautiful… For beauty, The moonstone is my personal favorite. Do you keep some in rough form or do you tumble them? I’ve got several good rough cuts that I’m dying to clean up but then I think “who am I to improve on nature?”


@susan8 I have a mix of tumbled, rough/natural, geodes, towers, spheres… I just love them. Certain ones I work with more than others. & there are a few that I only have little bitty pieces of that I would love to get in a larger form.

I do like tumbles, but I like the more natural forms of the crystals also, more than the tumbles. I do have a tumbler that I use when I have a lot to smooth out using natural grits & of course water. I haven’t been able to use it though because my oldest moved home & his room is in the basement where the tumbler is. I don’t do the mineral oil to them though, because I like that yes they are tumbled but they are in a natural state & not all shined up with mineral oil on them. I know it’s probably just me, but I feel like the oils to shine them hinder the impact of their energies by suppressing them somewhat.


I love the raw forms it just really appeals to me and has some spark i can’t explain when i first see them… I really love the spirit crystal and the Labradorite and amethyst as they are such beautiful pieces… As for tumbled i only buy them if they are the only option available, but i saying that they are great to hold and carry around if needed :blush:


Cool you have a tumbler? I need to invest in one one day :blush:


I have a 3 pound National Geographic Tumbler. You can get them at craft stores, Amazon has them & the refill kits. It has instructions to make sea glass. It’s really pretty neat to see them when it’s finished. I put it in the basement because it runs constantly for about a week for each type of grit.


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