Just wanted to share this little pick me up that arrived in the post today

I just wanted to share this with you all. I was having a funky monkey couple of downer days so I spent a small amount of money at my favourite online crystal store… even though they are actually based here in Perth lol. Ive not yet been in person.

Anyways I got myself 3 little worry stones: black obsidian, rose quartz and clear quartz. What really made me smile was the hand written note that came with it. They give you one with every order which is a really nice touch… but this one got me right in the feels.

This is the store where I have ordered all of my points from. I might have to make the effort and go there and thank them in person.

Just how someone’s thought to write some kind words made me smile and changed the day. Not gonna lie the eyeballs leaked a couple of little tears.


Holy Sh@t! Miss J. Those are an embarrassment of riches (and pretties.)


The worry stones are beautiful, but that sweet card is what really makes it a gift! :sparkles::blush: That is so thoughtful of them to write the note and spread positivity- it sounds like you’ve found yourself a great local business, Jessica! I hope you get the chance to go visit the shop in person someday :shopping: :star_struck:

I’m sorry you had some downer days, but I couldn’t help but smile at this! One, because goodness knows I love the Jessica-isms :laughing: :+1: and two, that’s my favorite flavor of Ben&Jerry’s Ice Cream! :monkey: :banana: :chocolate_bar: :yum:

Forgive me for getting side-tracked, enjoy your beautiful new treasures Jessica! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That was so nice of them!


@Garnet @Amethyst @TheTravelWitch_Bry

Thank you everyone! It was just such a surprise when I opened it up and read that. I am going to try and get over there as soon as I can.


That’s so nice!!! The worry stones are a great addition, too!!


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