Just wanted to share

So I know for a fact that I’m a water witch. I have always loved the water, am a Pisces and … if this doesn’t scream water witch, don’t know what does.

I have 2 aquariums, have for about 3 years. Just happened on the hobby. Started with a 10 gallon. Currently have a 65 gallon and 20 gallon. All told about 40 fish. And wouldn’t change it lol

Here are 3 of my babies (not withstanding my dog, cat and kids lol). Gourami, an Acara and my Betta (he’s in the 20 gallon, other 2 are in the bigger tank)


I love aquariums! They are so relaxing to me! We don’t have one set up currently… my teen has one, but theirs has an axolotl in it. The axie is so much fun, but not as active as fish.


Hahaha my kids want an axolotl but I have told them no. I wants something more active. Contemplated a lizard but can’t get over the bugs.


How pretty!


How lovely! I also had a massive tank with salt water fish with heaps of live rock but it was hard to maintain so i switched to a much much smaller tank with only a clown and another type i forgot the name of. The other once had 2 betta fish red and blue but unfortunately bluey passed and now just have the red in a split tank. I too love fish but am a fire element being a Leo so maybe i should try i don’t know, A LION lol no jokes but seriously i tend to love challenging animals :blush:


Some axolotls are swimmers. Ours is not. He is very much a sit on the bottom and crawl around kind of friend!


I too am a Pisces and love water. Your fish are beautiful :heart:


Hello everyone! :wave: :fish:

Your fish friends are beautiful, @Dierna_Nimue_Selene- may I ask if they have names? :blush:

I love how shiny and colorful the one in the second picture is! :rainbow: :sparkles:


Here I will share too… here are some of the four babies mama cat gave birth to on 26th of October. They are becoming very curious and even try to follow you around on their little wobbly legs…


Yes they do. The top one, the betta, is Jinx. My youngest named him. He’s the most recent. He is what is called a blue and black avatar. Colout anyways. Further explanation on the colour name I would have to go look into but the name I have lol.

The middle one is Denim, the Electric Blue Acara. I’ve had her (I’m guessing on that lol) for about 2.5 years. She about 7 inches long.

The last is the Gourami. His name (again guess lol) is Oliver. I have so many more. Oldest is my pleco, Neptune. Had him for 3 years since he was about an inch. He is nearly as long as the Acara.
Photo below of Neptune.

@TheMuslimWitch: oh dear me, kittens!!! Good thing you aren’t close or my kids would beg for one. I am already putting a deposit down on Thursday for another dachshund pup. I’m that person that is the owner of a small zoo lol.


In the same boat both my house is a zoo and a childcare centre lol it is chaotic here :laughing:


Awww! :two_hearts: :fish:

Please say hellow to Jinx, Denim, Oliver, and Neptune (as well as everyone else too!) from me :heart::wave: :blush:


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