Keeping your circle safe

Hi this is Val, nice to meet you!! Thanks for welcoming me! I have a question about opening up a circle. A friend of mine said that I needed to be careful about opening up a circle and that opening up a circle can be dangerous. She said if I don’t open circle correctly I could welcome inn bad spirits. Is this true? Can you please help me to make sure I am carefull about that? Once I opened a circle and I drew a door so that way I could go out of the room and come back. Now I am worried that I could be doing things wrong. When I opened the circle I go to all the quarters and bless north, east, south and west. Then I sprinkle salt right. Anyway she put a fear there that if I don’t open the circle correctly it could be harmful. She said when she opens the circle it is really powerful and she has many people there so that it is stronger. What are your thoughts? Sorry for any typos Blessed be thanks so much for your help.


Hiya Val! @Jeannie1
I hope you don’t mind me making this a group discussion - I just thought it was such a great question and one I’d struggle to answer on my own as I’m not sure there’s one right answer!
I’ve always believed that the circle was one of protection - keeping negativity out and only allowing those invited in.
My circle is my little bedroom - impossible to walk all the way round so I draw a circle 3 times clockwise in the air with my incense.
I also like to use

I’m not sure there is really a right or wrong way to open your circle - just guides. I’m sure there are many successful practitioners who don’t use circles at all.
I hope this was a bit helpful! I’m sure the others will have some words of wisdom! :heart:

I had many questions about circle casting and :o: protection. Was a bit confusing for me as well. But the videos on the site are very informative and easy to follow. I now feel very confident in casting circles and calling the quarters. Like @Limeberry mentioned. There are many ways to do it. Just find what feels right for you. Witchcraft, I’ve learned (recently) is about intention- it’s what creates the magick. If you don’t believe in the intention, no spell or ritual will ever work. Its our energy, the earth’s energy and the universe that aligns us.
Blessed be.


Merry Meet @Jeannie1!

I think if you have your visualization down and practice what @Limeberry posted you should be set. You could always play music that dispels negativity and sage the area afterward if you’re worried. Woke Nation on YouTube is especially good for the music.

I’d also make sure you watched the Wiccan Self-initiation to give you more confidence.

The thing is, there are many ways of casting a circle, and as many ways of opening one. So you do what you feel confortable with, and that should work.


Remember this: Fear destroys power.

Fear will paralyze you. It’s common to hear things like “bad spirits” are out to get you, and will let themselves in given the tiniest chance.

When it comes to protection spells, if your intentions are fine (e.g. you are coming from a place of positive thoughts and kindness or love) then there’s absolutely nothing to fear.

Don’t let those who are operating from a place of fear control your Magic. You can’t really be succesful if you’re dealing with that mindset.

Another thing to know: Most of the time, a ritual can’t “backfire”. It either works or it doesn’t. But the best protection spell is to keep learning. The more you learn, the less you fear.

Protection spells are there for those who might be dealing with baneful magic or don’t have enough confidence, so they feel a specific need for an extra layer of protection.

You don’t have to cast a circle every time you cast a spell. The circle will give you confidence and a place to practice without distractions, but it’s not always necessary. Think of it as a “safe space”, your training wheels. Eventually you don’t really need it and it’s also good to experiment without it.


@Francisco I may just print this entire post and add it to my Grimoire :raised_hands:t2: :heart:


I have a bad habit of forgetting to cast a circle, but I do invite the Triple Goddess or Brigid to be with me while I am doing my work and release them at the end. I do use my wand when I cast one though, I am getting better at remembering to do that before I start anything though.


@Susurrus, I’ve been doing the easy and fast :o: of protection on the spell 8 video tutorial. Grounding and centering your energy . I can now do it easily and faster. When I’m done I just reverse it and Send the energy back into the earth. I’ll probably call the 4 quarters (circle) this coming full :full_moon:. Since I learned the easy circle I don’t feel I need the more elaborate ones.


I agree the easy ones are great and I don’t use the elaborate ones because I would take forever to remember how to do it. I do set up the 4 elements and the use the spirit on my altar though. I like to invoke Brigid with me. Lately I haven’t felt very witchy, but I have a lot going on so I’d assume it’s a natural occurrence when there’s other outside influences.


Hi Merry Meet, I apologize for not sighning inn and getting right back to you. I have been thinking about the subject and I thought that my circle was only allowing positive energy inn. I think that I will still believe in my magic and that I am keeping that neg energie out. FYI you cant have the light without the dark right? No matter what negative energy will always be there its really up to the practitioner to make there own judgments. I suppose, I already figured there was always going to be a stigma tied to witchcraft. I have already decided that I am a practitioner of witchcraft and I think my friend really just might have some negative biases that she tried to rub off on me. I just have to be carful not to allow anyone to burst my bubble! Thanks and Blessed be


Thanks for helping me to remember to invite the Goddesses with me because I am new and it just seems like a lot at first I just have to get use to rituals. What does that look like when you invite a Goddess into the circle?


Francisco, I think you read my mind. I’m not going to get discouraged because if I allowed fear to creep inn my magic will be tainted. I definitely want to believe in my magic and feel a definite empowerment using magic! I really just want to feel protected and blessed! That’s the whole point. Thanks for your opinion and I feel the light coming from you! Blessed be Thanks :blush:


@Jeannie1 An example of inviting the Goddess to your circle would be by chanting to Diana, or reciting Doreen Valiente’s poem The Charge of the Goddess.

Or create your own way of calling Her, like a prayer, a symbol, or a sound. She is listening!

Blessed Be! :pray:


I just want to say how beautiful this chant was I love Diana it’s really something I can’t even find the words right know ! I love this sacred space I have created without I feel no good I feel empowered and I feel :heart: Love when hearing these words! It made me want to light a candle!! So I’m inspired! Thanks :blush:


Sorry for the late response, I’ve been crazy the last couple of weeks. I usually place my statue on my altar and say the Invocation of Brigid before I start with the actual spell or ritual. Then I light my candles and incense and begin what I was starting out to do.


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@Francisco this is very good and timely advice, so thanks for sharing this here


Interesting, this question is very timely as I had very similar questions in my mind. Thanks for indirectly being my spokesperson :slight_smile: