Kittens! 🐱

aww! There is nothing like brand new kittens! And in just a week or so you will have so many kitten capers! The best!! Congratulations on your kitties!


I think that would be perfect

Persephone just popped in my head for the one on the left. Not sure if it’s necessarily a personality match but it jumped in out of nowhere I have no idea why


Here are some magickal name guides that might spark some inspiration!

I’m sure you’ll learn more about their personalities as the days go by and they become more outgoing- I imagine they might choose names of their own! :wink: :cat2: :two_hearts:

Blessed be! :paw_prints:


I love all animals but kitties might get a liiiiitle bit more love from me lol. They are so adorable! Here’s to their good health and happiness!


Thank you for so many beautiful knowledges. How many beautiful names there are!


“the one on the end looks like that egg was …” :joy::joy:that’s made my day. I’ve had such a mundane stressful day, you made me laugh when I read this. Thankyou :sparkling_heart:


It’s my pleasure, @Airam! I agree, there are so many beautiful names out there to choose :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Speaking of, were you able to find some names for the adorable three musketeers, @amandakay? :blush: :cat2: :two_hearts:

I hope they are all doing well! :heart:


The babies are doing great! Their little eyes are starting to open, and they’re getting bigger every day! Momma seems very proud of them. I’m not sure in their gender yet, so we haven’t picked names yet! Our “odd ball” kitten actually looks just like her momma and the two dark ones must be what daddy looked like! I thought it was special and sweet that she had one look like her! They have more color than I originally thought, a little more calico with brown, grey, and black. My 3 yr old adores the kittens and we will usually peek in on them once a day! I can’t wait for them to get their own personalities and start walking around. It’s going to be so much fun. :heart:



Aww omg, how cute I am squeeing. My neighbor just got a kitten and my kids fell in love. My son loves cats and has been wanting one. I am trying to move before I get any more animals, LOL.


Awww, they’re so sweet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :cat:


Oh my goodness what adorable little fluffs! I’m so happy they are doing so well! :revolving_hearts:


@amandakay I just had a memory flash, the one with the white looks just like one I had when I was a kid. His name was Belvedere Bordegard Chauncey :laughing: I was like 6


Awww, now that’s the fanciest name for a kitten I’ve ever heard! :joy: :heartpulse:


@Nixi that is super cute, and such a fun name! I don’t think I could go for it, much less pronounce it, but that’s awesome! You mentioned Persephone, and I really love that. It feels like a great fit, I really hope it’s a girl! :heart:


I was very proud and quite indignant if anyone referred to him as Belvedere “His NAME is Belvedere. Bordegard. Chauncey!”

Can’t to see if I’m right. I would check them as soon as Momma lets you. You can tell when they are very small and then they’ll all look the same for a few weeks. I don’t know how or why but that’s been my experience and my stepmother says the same thing and she takes crazy cat lady to a whole different level.

When she and my father bought a house out in the middle of nowhere, they moved into a huge feral colony and it took over a year to catch them all and get them altered and vaccinated so she saw dozens of litters. She was actually able to rehab a good number of them.

Some were basically friendly to start with and some left as soon as the litter was born. My father turned a large shed into a luxury birthing and living area.

There was a small cat door but the majority stayed and took care of the motherless ones. There were litter boxes, feeding stations, two areas of bedding and several windows.

There was a lot of overgrown everything so they talked to the cats when they worked that area.
There was a shelter shed with beds and the basics too.

Yes I’m serious.

That makes turning my home into a cat sanctuary look normal

Long response but I figured that everyone could use a laugh


So you grew up in the middle of dozens of kitties? :heart_eyes_cat:


I think you are all very strong- I feel like I’d be peeking in on them every few minutes, I’d never get anything done with such cute kittens around! :joy: :cat2:

I’m so glad they are doing well! I bet they’ll be bouncing around before you know it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Sending love and light your way- have fun with the kittens! :heart:


Sadly no, my stepmother hated me when I was a kid and my father finally just gave up


Awww… :sob: We love you here…