Knowledge and the lost of perspectives


To those that know me, and for those that doesn’t. I always have been searching, seeking, learning what I can, in the subject of occultism. Expanding my knowledge by the things I can see and couldn’t.
But forgot of a simple question that a good witch friend ask me one day. What is magick for you? From other questions. Obviously I gave to her a answer, but thinking now about it, not a good one either.
There’s nothing bad on studying and to learn a subject, but we do lost the perspective on magick as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, like I stated, there’s nothing wrong on learning. Is in loosing out confidence in understanding that we are part of that whole, that flows above, on, below and through us.
Don’t put mind on those mistakes we make when casting a spell, when calling the quarters, when closing and opening a circle. Even making up on the fly and casting a spell, because the essence, the energy that is connected all around of us and in us is there, is tangible, real.
Like I wrote, there’s nothing wrong to study, but now I can see the real me, and on what I’m capable to do. For the good not only to myself, but to others as well.
Blessings!!! :pray:


That’s a very good question and it’s good to ask ourselves that once in a while.

To me, Magick is power, it is healing, and it is community. I recently came across this graphic by John Beckett which sums up the different types of Paganism and how they converge (or not). I thought it fit this topic well:


Well said! It is the energy! When I was doing spell work on 2/22/22 the energy was extremely high. So even though I didn’t have some of the crystals and other ingredients that so and so said I needed for this spell, I knew it was going to be fine because of that energy. Because of the intent, and the other elements that were there. For me, once I start dwelling on the things I didn’t do right, it’s all wasted.
And when we realize what we’re capable of doing, it brings confidence and self-assuredness so we are able to help others.
This post was very helpful, thank you @pedros10


@Francisco & @Pedro… I am somewhere in the center of that diagram honestly.

It’s a great question to discuss & I guess my feeling when mistakes I’ve made or gotten “wrong” I just went with my intention to continue from where I could catch myself in a better state after the mistake. I incorporate Deities, though… depending on the specifics of what I am doing I may cast a circle while I work, there have honestly been times that I simply forgot the circle until midway through what I was doing… but I just kept going keeping the intention the same so I didn’t veer too off track with what I was working on. & there have been times that I got myself so worked up about missing parts or things not going “right” that I waited a day or 2 before I restarted, refreshed.


To me, magick is working with the energy around us, (in the earth, air, water, etc.) to give us the strength, the courage, and the drive to enact changes in our lives.


Beautifully said, @pedros10! :blush:

We all may follow different paths or place ourselves at different points on the neat diagram Francisco shared, but we’re all here because we share the most important thing- our love for magick :sparkling_heart: I love studying and learning, but the heart of it really does come down to that passion and pure energy. And I also believe that pure force is there whether we study it or not.

Congrats to you on your awakening, Pedros- it sounds like a very powerful moment in your practice! :raised_hands: Many blessings!


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