Large Groups Equal Burnout

Good morning, Infinite Roots. I love all of you and I want you to know I continue in my daily practices. I still feel quite close to my personal deity. As the coven has been growing, I have faced personality conflicts that are my job to get over and overall burnout trying to keep up. I have been taking time for myself and may move to a system many of you already do - only being on during the weekdays or the weekends.

I have seen many requests for the energy exchange circle and I will add them tonight. I am hoping I can find a system that works for me so I can stay active while also not feeling drained. I love you and I continue to keep you in my meditations. Blessings to you this week.


No worries @praecog29 :heart: Take any time you need and if you need help, just let one of us know and we can take over the Energy Exchange Circle if you need a break!


Recharge yourself & get to know what works for you! I understand the feeling. I have been doing somewhat of the same thing. I think taking the weekend off & checking in a couple of times in the morning is what I am going to do from now on.

If you need help with the Energy Exchange Circle make sure you reach out for assistance! :heart:


:hugs: We love you @praecog29 and certainly don’t want you to burn out. Just let us know how we can help you and we will.


Thank you. :pray:

I am blessed and humbled to be part of the moderator team and I know a few in the team are less active over the weekends. With that in mind, I’ve decided I will be active Friday nights and every weekend. :hugs:

This will allow me to focus more on what is being said and to give our coven my best while also giving me a break during the rest of the week to focus on work, my family, and my continuing healing. I am hoping this will make me more active in the discussions as I have been missing out on so many interesting topics.

I love all of you and I can’t wait to see you this weekend! (You are all still free to message me through the week and I will still respond to those. I need to keep signing in each day for that Devotee Badge. :sweat_smile:)


Ah the badges! I have quite the collection. I’m not even sure what I’m working on for 1 now.

We will all be here for when you visit this weekend! I check in a couple times during the weekend, but I’m more active during the week because my family is at school or work. The weekends we are doing things in & out of the house with each other. I will talk to you soon!


@praecog29 You take care of you, everything else will fall into place. We will definitely miss your presence but will look forward to the weekends!!!
Your wellness is most important.
We Love you too!
Blessed Be Ben,


I do energy work and will include you if you would like - I ask because I only do healing work with the individual’s permission.

Let me know - I would be happy to send some healing energy your way.


@praecog29 thank you for all you do! Please take some R&R.

Blessed be.


Take all the time you need, @praecog29! :sparkling_heart: Burnout is a serious thing. I’ve found that taking the weekends off to step away does wonders for keeping me charged and on top of things during the week :muscle: :grin:.

I hope you can find a routine that works for you and your health! Love and light to you :sparkles:


“What is to give Light must endure burning”!

But don’t burn yourself out!! I really appreciate all you do for the Energy Exchange, Benjamin! :pray:

Take as much time as you need to take a break. I think stepping away from social media and devices is always a good decision. We will be here as a coven for anything you need!


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. :hugs: :pray:t4: :hugs:

:heart: It feels good to be part of such a loving and understanding coven. :heart:

It will take time to find what is right but I really liked taking time off during the week and coming in here fresh Friday night. (I will certainly try it again this coming week.) I will be around during the weekends to help moderate things, welcome new members, and catch up on all of your amazing posts.

I’ll get today’s Energy Exchange Circle up by this evening :slight_smile: Thank you to those that offered but these bi-weekly circles remind me of the love and support we find within Infinite Roots and I take the time to meditate over each request as I write them out.

Blessings to you!


Your infinite love is felt!! And reciprocated @praecog29 :pray: Blessed Be!




OOH, I like that quote @Francisco! I wonder if that should be our coven motto or something?

Glad to have you here on weekends @praecog29!


I like that as a mantra or motto! Great idea :bulb:


@praecog29 Hi, glad you had a good week and happy to see you! Thank you for all you do for our coven, much appreciated!
@Francisco Love the Quote too!!


Yes!! I found it online and it resonated so much! I love Chinese proverbs and it’s a great motto :infinity:


I think we should use it! :infinity: