Late suppers and CBD oil

What do you do, how to react, when your ancestors visit you at night while you’re sleeping?
Sitting bull comes to me handy here. Great spiritual leader, taking advantage of local weed foraging to induce him with vivid dreams.
I’ve just had an upsetting but interesting dream after late supper.
Should encourage myself to eat late to remember every detail of the story?
Recently had 1 or 2 dreams about same subject, same person.
The late one unfolded in all its glory, last night.
Do things happen for a reason?
Is it true what they say: will get bad before it turns out right?
Mother passed away late last year, but in other to be free to travel to Spain to sort her affairs, had to loose my job.
Almost same time COVID happened!
It was a rollercoaster of very stressful time.
Had to make decisions on the spot, I can see I wasn’t ready at all.
My health was taking a toll.
I told myself it was the right thing to do and my conscience was clear.
Despite differences, I was reluctant to let mum go. Always thinking she was a bit of a drama queen, but signs were there.
In less than a year or so, her condition deteriorated greatly, Dementia swoop off her feet and those around her.
Of all the clues, best one had to be: vacancy at a private nursing home.
Galicia, Northwest part of Spain, close to Portugal border.
Mention this because people confuse it with Barcelona, Northeast and over 1000 km distance.
Galicia has the largest percentage, in the whole of Spain , of Private nursing homes.
€2000.00 a month + extras, minimum!
I had pages with links & prices, but no vacancies. Time was running out.
It was a nightmare and wanted to comeback to England.
After more than 20 years, there’s nothing for me: raised, friends, family - all meaningless.
To cut it short, in the dream, mother is back alive and wants her money back.
We’re going to a solicitor and can see the story unfolding.
She was reluctant to sell the flat and wasn’t ready to depart.
She found difficult to understand why it was happening to her.
A living nearby neighbour was only a few years older than her, 82, and he was full of life with a apparently healthy mind.
As a child, was told to pray for those showing up on dreams to release them, stopping them coming back…to torment you?
Also, when a person is alive and you dream about, you extend it’s life expectancy.
PSTD springs to mind, hence me, resorting to buy CBD oil.
Never before could find explanation for a dream so clearly, but how my brain is copping about?


Maybe your sweet mama wants you to be prepared in case something happens to you or have a friend to help you out with that. I’m not sure. But I’m terribly sorry for your loss!! CBD is great for PTSD, I use it. I wish you get closure.


Come to think, I have a twin sister, but despite arguments seems, almost, I’ve been the chosen one.
Mummy’s boy vs. Daddies girl.
I have to thank her almost every night for what she’s done in the end.
But history repeats itself, her mum did the same for her 2 daughters.
Perhaps is the only way she has to contact me.


Sorry to hear about the loss of your mother and the turbulence around the situation, @Basil. How awful that you had to choose between handling her affairs and your job- with covid soon to follow! Sending warmth thoughts and hope for good blessings to come your way :pray::candle:

I agree that both the CBD oil and eating supper right before bed may have influenced the dream. These factors probably combined with any worries, thoughts, or stresses (conscious or unconscious) you were thinking as you drifted off to sleep :sleeping:

In order to get the answers you seek and possibly try to reconnect with your mother, perhaps try divination? You could attempt communicating with her through meditation, pendulum use, or a ouji board.

But if her presence is haunting you in undesirable ways, I recommend the Farewell Ritual and Prayer for Death of a Loved One to help put things to rest.

Sending love and light to you, Basil! :sparkling_heart:

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Bought pendulum, but have not tried ouji yet.
Will follow your advice.
Many thanks.

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