Lazy & Rough around the edges

I’ve been a member since February but I wanted to reintroduce myself as I am, behind the screen.

The fire in me is always wanting to learn more and more. Unfortunately I have not mastered the art of slowing myself down to be able to retain all the information I take in. When the information has a source that is reachable, I am all over the place in my communication. One day I could be killing it, responding to every comment, reaching out to others… then, I just go silent. I don’t know what it is that leads me to doing that but I find it bothersome, lol. I’m sure others do too!

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that the lack in my consistency to respond has made it so others are not interested in communicating with me. I understand that, especially as I am typing it out. I also think I’m a little long winded and my way of typography seems rigid, heh-heh.


I’m Janelle. I live in Anchorage, Alaska and I would say that I am an Eclectic Witch. I’m a Sagittarius Sun, Libra Moon, and Scorpio Rising. I have an almost 9 year old daughter with Virgo Sun, Leo Moon, and Aquarius Rising. Where in the world is the manual for that thing?!(Just kiiiiiddding, I love her.)

It’s crazy to think what conversations I was having a few years ago that lead me down this path of Witchcraft, the occult, spiritualism, etc. I’m sad to say that the woman who I considered my Witch Sister and the person who joined me on this journey, has gone her own way. I’m happy for her but I miss the closeness and the bond. Creating lavish rituals, sharing the excitement of something new one of us learned. That’s another reason why I am reaching out! I’d love to connect with more of you, especially in these days where the world is filled with so much hate, blame and animosity.

Okay, I will stop there lol.


LOL absolutely! I think that happens to all of us! It’s hard to keep communication consistent with so many things happening around… :grimacing:

Thanks for re-introducing yourself, @janelle!! It’s important to go at your own pace and not feel rushed or hurried to do anything. Learning and discovering is more fun when it happens spontaneously!

As someone with a Moon in Leo, I can tell you, we don’t follow anyone’s orders! You’ve been warned!! :laughing:


Thank you for the re-introduction. I think the stories of how people found their paths are fascinating.

As a father with 3 kids, I was sad to find out none of them came with manuals. :upside_down_face:

Does your daughter know about the path you are on? Are you teaching her any of your practices? If not, do you plan to? These are things I am just now learning, being a baby witch myself.


Haha I’ll take that warning into consideration! My love, her father, is a Libra Sun and a Libra Moon, but wow… I can’t remember what his Rising sign is though. Strange!


We have been recently discussing having another child. Things are so nerve racking in these days we are in though. Unsettling sometimes to think of bringing another being into this physical relm.

She most certainly does know and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. Being her attention span is that of squirrel!, whatever I am including her in can’t be too long unless its something she is REALLY wanting to be apart of and put her energy into. I try not to make everything so serious that it deters her from wanting to partake but I have expressed and shown her the importance of focusing energy into whatever is being done.


A very warm welcome to you, Janelle! :heart:

With the current situation and the state of the world, it is unfortunately even harder these days to connect with others walking on the same path. I hope you can find a new sense of community and shared enthusiasm for the craft here! :candle::two_hearts:

Thank you for (re)introducing yourself- it is a pleasure to get to know you! :blush: Feel free to reach out at any time here in the forums- share your spells, rituals, thoughts, and all the wisdom of an Eclectic Witch! :sparkling_heart:

Blessed Be! :sparkles:

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Thank you for re-introducing yourself! My name is Krissie and I am a new member here, my journey really started about May-ish. I went through all kinds of things to finally find what path I should be on and here I am! I am a baby witch right now, I find that I need to slow myself down sometimes too, I want to learn and do all the things! But first I need to retain them. So I find myself checking things a second time before I really proceed to the next. I have made up an ever changing daily ritual… as I learn more I have more added to it. I do have a close friend on an extremely similar path, though I don’t know what kind of witch she is… we enjoy sharing new things that we learned or have done recently.

I am a Sun Scorpio and a Lunar Virgo. I identify more with the Sun, but after reading my natal chart that I had 1 planet in Retrograde when I was born and it was Jupiter… I would say that a very good portion of it is absolutely true about me! I live on Cape Cod and my 21 year old moved out in May, my 18 year old grauated in July, and my 11 year old daughter is my little shadow most days. I have no manual for any of them & they are each unique in every way. I love them all, but they have their ways of doing everything and it’s different from the others.

I hope we get to know each other better through here. I just finished the Wicca Self Initiation, Spellcasting 101, and Herbal Magic courses. I’m working on meditation and Wicca Level 2. I also, as of tonight, started researching the Triple Goddess and Selene based on another post that read tonight and it was very intriguing to me.

I hope you have a great day and I can’t wait to speak with you more!

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Nice to meet you @krissie117 :metal:t4:

and my 11 year old daughter is my little shadow most days.

Holy moly, do I ever feel that statement! I feel like Felicity is going to be my greatest teacher in this life. I foresee a lot of hardships for her as she goes through her years, only in the sense of the types of lessons she will learn from situations and experiences. I’m not sure if its a blessing to be able to have that sight but I know it’ll be a blessing to help guide her whenever she reaches out to me. The will power in her is ridiculous lol. Mirror to mirror, her and I.


You express what it means to be human. No one has it “all together”. We are all discovering what we need to do to evolve. Love yourself. You are not alone. Communicate when you can. We are listening!


It sure is tough stuff but you’re absolutely right. It’s through these life lessons that we truly become more. <3 @wendy4


Thank you for your thoughts. I am young and value the thoughts of others.

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My shadow is the same way. She is teaching me a lot as well as I am teaching her. She is going to have some hard lessons as I did, but she will make it through them. We are doing the remote learning option with school this year and I’m sure we are going to be learning a lot being around each other that much for a over a year. It will be like when she was little and at that time she needed me. Now she doesn’t think that she needs me, but she’s 11… we will figure it out together. I am working on patience and my meditation. I’m also trying to teach her boundaries and privacy boundaries as well. When I say shadow, I mean she follows me EVERYWHERE. Lol… Love her… but sometimes we all need some type of space.