Learning the grand tableu 😁

Oh goodness me!! Ive just had a moment of hysterical laughter after i made huge progress on a grand tableu. Ice been learning from materials found online abd even discovered from a lady named Toni who goes by cardgeek and founder of world divination society that kipper and lenomand when first used the instructions were for the grand tableau as thats where ppl started when they first were learning those systems ( back when they first came out). Ive been watching her series on reading the grand tableau as i was getting mighty confused but i did find that her series 7 steps to readibg the GT i think it was called really helped me in my readings. Ive gone back and looked at my january month ahead GT i did at start of the month for practice and omg i was getting so much from it and then i found answers id bever thought to find. Also indications of things that were outside of the time frame and a better understanding on what i was seeing. The 7 steps videos ( split into seperate days for each step) also showed how the GT could be used with kipper or tarot. LOVE IT!! i love having lots of options :joy:and another spread i can use tarot for plus i was strugglibg to figure out kipper GT cause so little written on it. Was so focused on the combinations which kipper didnt have ( that could fibd) that i was struggling to read kipper GT and spreads as well as lenomand. But now im less relying on looking up other ppls interpretations of combinations and trying to look at meanings of cards amd how each influences each other using intuition more than thinking too hard that my head hurts and then i just wany to ditch it away from me grom frusttation. I finally made progress and i feel ill be able to now at least be abke to better rrad a kipper GT and also eafer to see how i go with a Tarot GT. That should ve intetesting. But man when i got insight i hadnt been able to get previously i got so excited i just burst out laughing :joy:good thing i live alobe other wise all my talking yo myself as worked through the GT and notes made and then bursting out laughing, im sure ppl would of thought id lost the plot and gone completely bonkers :joy: all the best ppl have ( lol yes im a fan of alice in wonderland :rofl::rofl::rofl:) im alice, the cheshire cat and the mad hatter all rolled into one :joy: but sometimes i tgink you need to loose your mind a little just to stay sane in this crazy world​:grin:so im ok with being a little weird :laughing:ir maybe alot ( depends who you ask​:joy::joy::joy:)


Oh my, I had never heard of the Grand Tableau before so I went to look it up.

The Grand Tableau is the daddy (mummy?) of Lenormand Readings and involves all 36 cards. It’s a big and involved reading, very complex to do and can give you a huge amount of information about ANY aspect of the querent’s life you want to explore.


A card spread using all 36 Lenormand cards?! That’s a heck of a lot of cards! :joy:

You have more courage than I do because that reading would make me exhausted. It’s no wonder you struggled with it at first! I’m glad you’ve got all of your notes though and your confidence is rising with your readings. :clap: That’s awesome!

I wish you many more successful readings with the GT :sparkles:


It also can be done with Kipper as well and cardgeek had demonstratwd how it might be used with tarot cards but ive yet to try that ( obviously would obly use 36 of the tarot cards, and decide who significatir was). But what i found intetesting was that back when lenormand and kipper came out, apparently people learning tjose systems started with the grand tableau not smaller spreads. I like a good challenge but aldo ypu can fet so much info from a grand tableau once know how to read. Ive discovered there may be two methods, but one doesnt focus as heavily on combinations but the influence of cards around. And how they impact the cards around them. Thats my understanding. And while the other techniques were said to still be important what i learnt from cardgeek (Toni savory) i think thats how spell last name from world divination society helped me to stop getting stuck on combinations and getying all confused but one series on you tube showed 7 steps to reading a grand tableau and i went through the steps and i got go much from that process before even trying to combine cards the way i was iniyialy trying to do. I think its bavarian or pavararian method.
To be honost yes the grand tableau does look intimidating and can be more challenging than smaller spreads but now that getting the hang of it im enjoying the challlenge and how its really rich in information when you know what to look for. To be honest im just wanting to know more and leaen more on the divination systems and im so excited not only to find a good resource to help undeestand better but also to see making progress and growingbin confidence each day with trying out reads and learning systems. Not just big spreads but small ones, but one thing thats great about grand tableau is that it had mmultiple types of spreads with in the bigger spread. So thats cool too.

Im making practice cards for all the below systems
And ogham
And i hope to one day be able to do reading for ppl. If i can learn them well enough and become good enough and keep building my confidence.
Along with things like looking at meditation and chakras and crystals, herbalism candles etc.
If i can help ppl with health and wellbeing eyc then that would be a dream come true. Maybe i can be of some good in this world despite all ive been through and how little value ive been made to feel in the past. Or being told or made to feel like i eas just a burden and people better off if i wasnt there. All i ever wanted to do is help ppl, ease their pain and suffering and help them have a better life and empower ppl because i know what its like to feel alone in it all and not know how to get out of it, and to feel so powerless and without hope. Its obe thing i like about divination, you look for answers and ways to move forward, your empowering yourself to be able to effect your circumstances even if its just chanfing point of view or doing some change that can help. It also helps self reflect and see where your at, a check in point. And asking spirits and deities and tge cards for guidance, you dont feel so alone even if you havent seen anyone for days and no one actually outside knows how much pain your in. I want to help others, because i dont want them to have to go through the same things i did… im not sure if that makes sense. But i tgink its whats driving me to want to learn more is to know obe day that knowledge could be used to help others. And maybe along the way , along the journey of learning i can help myself a bit too, lead by example you know lol cant try teach people self care and health and wellbeing if i suck at it lol so i try to better myself so i can better help others. . I hope that made sense


The grand tableu sounds really impressive, @Phoenix_Fire- congrats to you! I imagine with so many cards involved there were certainly plenty of insights and messages to explore. Very exciting! :grinning:

Every time you post it sounds like you are getting better and better with your readings- you’re really making lots of progress! A huge congrats to you, Phoenix :heart:

You’ve got such a great goal of helping others with your reading talents- know that I’m continuing to cheer for you! :partying_face: :two_hearts:

Blessed be!


Interesting! I’ll be honest, I’ve learned a few things from your post. First, I had no idea what Kipper cards were so thank you for giving me something else to research!

I don’t know if I would be able to handle a 36 card reading with any sort of divination system. I can hardly handle my 15 card reading for the New Year sometimes :rofl:

I’m sure you’ll get there one day! You’re already practicing so much and you’re doing such a great job. Reading for others, if that’s what you want to do, is a great next step once you’re confident with your reading skills!

Oh Phoenix_Fire :people_hugging: You are very valued here in the forum, for sure! I want you to know that, at least for me, I know you bring so much joy and value to those of us here in the forum. You’re not a burden and you definitely have done good in this world! :heart: :sparkles:


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