Lesson 2 the 13 guides of wiccain

Hello, my thoughts are. Of such that if it allows other who do not know wicca to at least get an idea of what we are about is absolutely wonderful. In my family of origin i am considered a satan worshiper yes it is true there are still those who still are narrow of mind and soul that believe that hrist is the only god and to believe otherwise is condemming ones self directly to hell. This also comes with a christmas and easter 3 monther prayer book from my beloved aunt.
So while the wording does seem a little dated the concept is not.


Greetings @renae1! :blush:

I’m assuming you just finished The 13 Principles of Wicca lesson in the Self-Initiation Ritual, if so- congrats on your course work so far! :raised_hands:

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts- I agree that it is very interesting to consider how old/traditional wordings still apply to modern-day practitioners. I also think that although wording may need to be updated here and there (as the understood meaning of words does change with time- language is a living thing!) it is indeed the underlying message that needs to carry though.

Although I’m not strictly Wiccan (I’m Eclectic), I do love the idea that certain things have been passed down with care from generation to generation through time. I feel like it connects the witches of old with current day witches- even if we all have our own unique and individual ways we practice, we follow similar paths! :sparkles::woman_mage:

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts- enjoy the rest of the course! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi renae1, I think I missed your entrance. Welcome to our site.
I’ve believed in many things, but not the devil, put simply, I don’t believe in the heaven/hell concept. I live in Florida, that’s hell to me… I’ve also said, I don’t care what you believe in, just believe in something. If not what is life all about?
The “13” as with any rules or guidelines need to be updated with the times.
We do not judge or criticize anyone, we offer support, knowledge and love.


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