Let's talk about energy exchange

Let’s talk about the energy exchange that happens in our daily life --involving your food! Have you every thought about food on a spiritual level?


Thank you again @SilverBear! I love this video. I have been trying to be more mindful when I am preparing food. I realized that I use Rosemary a lot in my dishes and garlic! I will definitely keep these things in mind when I am getting ready to prepare my food.


I always love some Kitchen Witchery- it makes cooking (and eating!) more enjoyable with a touch of magick :yum: :two_hearts:

Food is definitely a big part of our lives and can be important to consider in our practices. In another thread about Wiccan Law @Jeannie1 brought up the great point about choosing food in a way that supports both our spiritual and ethical beliefs. I think mindfully preparing food is another great way to show appreciation for the tasty things in our life! :heart:

Thanks for sharing your wisdom, @Silverbear :sparkles::pray: