Libra full moon Oct 20 activity

I’m visiting my cousin in France for her birthday on October 20th which also happens to be the full moon. She’s a baby witch too. What spiritual activity should we do together? Thanks


Whatever you feel called to do, honestly. Not every full moon requires a ritual or spell, though if you’re looking to do one specifically for the full moon I suggest calling in your wishes and taking advantage of the height of the moon’s energy.


That’s amazing, @corey1! It sounds like a very fun way for two witches to celebrate a combination of special occasions :tada::full_moon:

Like Megan said, it’s not required to do a Full Moon Spell on the full moon- any spell you’d like to do will likely be influenced by the natural energies of the full moon. Did you know that blowing out birthday candles and wishing good birthday wishes is technically a pagan ritual? :birthday: :blush:

If you’re on the hunt for something in particular, here is a collection of Full Moon Magick Spells here you might consider!


Wishing you safe travels and a very blessed birthday to your cousin! :partying_face:


Lol, yes I recently learned about the blowing out the candles. If Christians only knew lol


It’s not really related to the full moon but it would be a special tea ritual to bless your friend ship. I think the Herbal Harmony ritual which can be found on the site is such a beautiful ritual but haven’t tried it myself.i think it would be magical ritual on a full moon


If you won’t tell I won’t tell either :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy:

Hahaha jokes aside, I think it’s really interesting to learn that many Christian ceremonies celebrated today tie into pagan traditions! Easter eggs and bunnies at Easter, birthday candles, and many Christmas traditions have pagan roots too :christmas_tree:

It makes me feel like even what seems like very different religions and spiritual beliefs are tied together through history :blush: