Life update and vent

This is a vent and a life update so please keep that in mind please.

Well what can I say other then “life is going”.

  1. My mother passed away on November 1st.
    EC we went in on October 31 because my mom was not coherent. When we got there, her vitals and stuff just declined drastically and eventually she passed away and ICU. But please keep this in mind she did have a stroke in 2019 and has been suffering on and off since then.

  2. On that same day, I lost my job. I was a home health caregiver for my mother, and when she passed, I lost my job. (Yes, I know I can go out and get another job but thing is I have really bad social anxiety, so staying in my home doing work was the only thing I could and can do.)

  3. Me and my partner are trying to start a small business on making certain items and it’s not going very well. It’s really hard for people to buy things we create nowadays.

  4. And last not least Loki will always be my main deity but on November 1 I had someone new come to me someone my husband follows I had the norse goddess Hel come to me as well as oden and Freya. I accepted them with warm arms.
    Hel promise to keep an eye on my mother, no matter what.
    Odin and Freya took me in as a child of theirs. So that I could feel protected and loved.

So yeah, that’s my life update right now I have been working on spells to read myself of negativity, thoughts and spirits around me.


@kara16 that is defintely a lot to have go on all in one day as well in the same short amount of time. :people_hugging: I’m so sorry for you & your family’s loss as well as the financial changes from losing your employment. It’s a heavy time.

You may want to do some healing & self-care also for yourself. Whatever that may be for yourself.

  • Journaling :pen:
  • Cleansing baths :bath: or showers :shower:
  • Meditation :woman_in_lotus_position:

Self-Care, Grief, & Other Journal Prompts
Spell for a Deceased Loved One
Sage: Protection, Healing Grief
Loss & Grief Spell Jar
Releasing Grief

I linked a few ideas. Others may have some other things to help you or try that are directly related to Hel, Odin, &/or Freya as well. :heart:


I’m so sorry for your loss. And the difficult circumstances you’re going through. :people_hugging: :black_heart:

If there’s anything I can do to help with strategy, planning, marketing, promotional materials, etc. with the small business, let me know. I’m really busy, but I will give you whatever time I can. :black_heart:


@kara16 Oh sweetheart I’m so sorry for your loss and everything that’s followed. @Susurrus has some great links. I’ll also offer prayers to Loki to help you. Hel is beautiful and there’s a lovely ritual with Hel in one of my heathen prayer books. Loki always sends his daughter in times of grief, maybe that’s why she’s come to you. Will look this up for you :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


@kara16 Evening is a nice time to do this, but not essential. Outside is better but again not essential.

Bring a large candle in a candle holder and a picture of your mother, a stone, (any stone but a good size) along with some flowers.

You can invite Loki in on this, or just keep this between you and Hel.
Have any family members who want to join you, join you.

In a place that’s special to you and your mum (garden, favourite park, favourite room in house if indoors etc) put the stone and flowers.

Light the candle and hold the candle. Place the photo by the stone as you say:

Say the following prayer to Hel:

Hail to Hel, Lady of Helheim,
Your realm gives sanctuary, safety and security.
Hail to wise Odin and shining Freya, hosts of the battle slain,
Who live well in your halls, preparing for one last battle.
Hail to beautiful Ran, host of those lost at sea.
In your hall beneath the waves, sailors are at peace.
We thankyou all for hosting our ancestors in their life after death.
Giving them food and mead, and a warm place by the fire.
Wherever our fate takes us at the end of life’s road,
We know that we shall reside with our ancestors,
Until the wolf breaks his chains.
Hail the hosts of the dead!
Now please accept our gift, given freely,
And accept our thanks.
We now entrust the spirit of (. ) into your hands knowing she will be safe, loved and valued.
Hail Hel!

Sit for awhile, and share happy memories with each other of the times you had with your mum, perhaps passing the photo to each person present and share a story.

When you’re ready, blow out the candle, leave the stone and flowers if allowed but take the photo home and place on your altar for as long as you need.

We love you. :sparkling_heart:
(The prayer is written by The Heathens of Yorkshire from their prayer book Gods Own Country)


I’m so sorry for the loss of your Mother. You have my condolences. I hope your small business takes off after a rough start.


Just stepping in to share some support- I’m sorry that things have been tough for you lately, @kara16, and I pray that things will begin to move onwards and upwards for you now! May there be light, happiness, and lots of joy on the horizon for you :candle: :heart: So mote it be.


I am sorry for the loss of your mother and send love and best wishes. Hopefully things will move in a better direction for you. May your deities also bring you comfort.

I will be happy to see the end of this year after experiencing loss. I am hopeful that next year will be better and hope the same for you.

Blessed be



Sending you so much love and strength! Day by day and step by step! We are always here when you need us!


I’m sorry for your losses and I only wish you healing hope and light. May it embrace you with love of your god Loki. May the light shine down upon and heal your pain. Take it easy xo


That’s a lot to go through in such a short amount of time, @kara16 :people_hugging: I’m so sorry for your loss.


@kara16 I am so sorry for your loss :people_hugging::heart: I lost my mom nearly 4 years ago. I know how hard it can be.
I’m sending you lots of love and healing!

Creating can be very therapeutic.
I am a crafter and I tried selling my items. It’s hard to get started. I hope you and your partner stick with it! Sometimes it takes a little time to fine tune things! I’d love to see what you make!