Light and protection chant

I have made this protection chant as a spell and can be used over any protection oils and herbs to boost their energy. For me I wrote it as I was looking at a sigil I made for protection and light in my dark times. It goes:

In my heart with care,
I welcome water :water_element: fire :fire_element: earth :earth_element: and air :air_element:
Through the power of the moon :full_moon: and sun :sun:,
Please allow for this harm to be undone.
Let my fears go away,
Bring positive energy and light to my day.
And so by the power of three,
There it is done so mote it be!


A beautiful protection chant- I love how it calls upon each of the elements as well as the power of both the sun and the moon. May it help to bring light and blessings into your space! :sun_with_face: :full_moon:

Thank you for sharing this, @TheMuslimWitch- blessed spellwork! :sparkles:


How lovely!


Thank you. Honestly i was just in the car waiting for my husband to finish at the mechanic and it literally just started coming out and i was fortunate enough to have a piece of paper and pen in front of me. I just started chanting as i was drawing a sigil. First time for everything i guess :blush:


How exciting! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hahaha always a good idea to have a scrap of paper and pen nearby for those treasured moments where creativity sparks something to life :sparkles:

I’ve started using the Drafts folder of my email- even if I’m in a place without wifi, I can pull out my phone and type something in quickly and it saves. As a bonus, there’s a digital record of it I can reference in the future! It’s been a lifeline when I’m out and forgot a notepad lol (although it’s not a method that would work for sigils, unfortunately!)

Thanks again for sharing this lovely piece- Blessed be! :heart:


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