Liminal Space

Good morning everyone …

I have a question regarding the Weekly Witch Challenge. What exactly is this? Is it a report and do I post it like one?

Thank you in advance,


Hey Medea!

So the challenges are meant to be extremely broad in how they’re approached. You can write a post, a report (I know my posts tend to get kind of long lol), take a picture, draw a picture – however you feel called to participate is up to you! Then you just write about your experience or share a picture with us. That’s it! :clap: :sparkles: It’s meant to be fun, challenging, and exciting. It helps us to get out of our comfort zone and try something new!

:heart: Megan


I can’t say anything else except that there isn’t a set how long it needs to be… it could literally be a picture or 1 sentence about your experience. Even if you just learned what a liminal space is or clarify your understanding of what a liminal space is or isn’t. Share a liminal space you found yourself in with your understanding of what it is to you.

(I really hope that made sense. It’s really just an add-on to what @MeganB said :hugs:)


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