Links between all the faiths

This is exactly how a lot of people practice! In general, this is soft polytheism - seeing each deity as a facet of either one “higher deity” or “source” or however people view them. Sometimes, it’s that each Goddess is an aspect of the overall Divine Feminine. Other times, it’s different depending on the person’s view of divinity!

This is how I came to the Irish gods. My family is from Europe and the Celtic Nations, but hundreds of years ago. The Celtic gods are just where my heart feels at home :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I used to be strictly Irish Paganism, but over time, I’ve felt more called to the entire Celtic region. It’s a lot to look into, but it’s also a lot of overlap and (personal) confusion about if Brigid from Ireland is the same deity as Bride from Scotland.

There’s so much to learn and see when it comes to studying these cultures and the Gods that I’m sure I’ll never know “enough” to satisfy myself :joy:

Ohh yes, do it! :clap: I really need to just blog more because I’ve got so many thoughts and ideas, but I never seem to have enough time! I’ll be looking forward to your blog whenever you get it up and running! No pressure, of course :sweat_smile: and you’re always free to ramble on here, as well! I’m sure you’re not the only person who has the thoughts, and you’re definitely not the only one who can ramble! :rofl:

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This is a really interesting phenomenon, and I’d love to know how it works! :blush: Especially how my heart feels right at home with the Hindu gods (and especially goddesses), and I have no known family connection there… :sparkles: I’ve been thinking a lot about trying past life regression, yet I’m still like… will whatever I see come from my soul’s memories, or would I just be seeing what I want to see? :thinking:

Either way, I always trust my heart as the ultimate authority :blush: :heart:


I think these two statements are so important. Yes, trace your ancestors, but you need to feel at home too.

My mother’s side is Irish, and I just didn’t feel at home there, even though my ancestory is there, yet my father’s history, who hasn’t raised me, or had any real influence over my life, :person_shrugging:(and he’s not spiritual at all!), is where I feel at home.

I’m starting to wonder if the gods draw us to them, at different stages in our life, as they watch over us, and see where our path is going, and reach out with the right personality, at the right time (Shapeshifter, I think all gods can do this, to be honest).
Anyways, I’m still digging, but the Warren :rabbit2: is going all over the place at the moment :rofl:, so it’s a little chaotic :joy::partying_face:


I love this idea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And I believe that we’re all reflections of these shapeshifter gods, who themselves are facets of the Universe itself, so it’s all one big chaotic smoke and mirrors costume party… :smile_cat: :dancer::mirror:


Oh! I have a new rabbit hole to explore now. :joy:

At least we’ll never be bored. :joy:

That’s a good point.

I’ve always been interested in the Norse gods, but they’ve never felt like they’ve had that connection. My interest has been more of a “they’re just really cool” type.

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You and me both! :joy: It’s funny because I’ve always had this connection to the Celtic deities, but finding out that my family comes from that general region just cemented my feelings even more. I have almost no connection or deeper interest in any other pantheon besides maybe the Greek deities, and that’s just a kind of… “ehh I’m kinda interested in some of them” type of thing :laughing:

I’ve always wanted to do something like this! I think in order to see our actual past lives, we would need to be either well-trained or do the regression with a professional. Otherwise yes, I would also be afraid of seeing what I wanted to see rather than what’s actually there in the past.

This is absolutely right! :clap: Even if my family didn’t come from a specific area of the world, following my heart is one of the most important things I can do.

Yes to all of this! :clap: :raised_hands: It’s so important to feel at home in your faith and not just blindly follow what everyone else is doing, or what you feel like you need to because of familial ties or something else.

It definitely could be. I’m still grappling with this concept myself. Sometimes I think that it could be likely that the Gods reach out to us, but then other times I’m much more convinced that it’s us reaching out to them in one form or another :sweat_smile: Either way, they end up in our lives when we need them!

That’s very, very true!


The best I could find is this,

Which only states the amounts they increase by.

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Blessed be!


Thanks for coming in and saving the day, @TheTravelWitch_Bry – now we know the answer! :clap: