Lisa Hutchison My New Life

Saturday, July 28, 2018
My New Life
I just recently started a New Life as a Witch and so far I love it. The reason why I wanted to be a Witch is I have always have felt different around my family like a out caster not really belonging. I really didn’t think to much about especially when you are a kid but when you get older in your teens you start noticing things are just not right. For me I always like witches, vampires that whole magic side of things but life happens to led you down a whole different direction that you thought you would ever go like for instance getting pregnant, getting married and having a life with someone. But it doesn’t always work out for the best of us. You still yearn for something new but not knowing what it is yet. For my life it was the one that did get pregnant and married at 18 years of age and I have a beautiful daughter for it but my marriage did not lasted but for 2 years and we were the two to blame. So we decided to get a divorce and go our separate ways and that is just what we did. For many years we lived our lives as separate people. We both met people that came into our lives and gave us something that we both thought we both needed but for the past 5 years I have met a man that I am totally in love with everyday of my life. Our love has grown in such a way that I know in my heart I have founded my one and only soulmate. But in our lives things can get over looked at and cover up and life can start feeling like you are getting buried alive with all the stress, work and all the bullshit so that is when I decided that I needed a New Life and was just mine that I didn’t have to share with anyone. So that is when I got on the internet and came across a video 15 signs that you might be a witch and after watching it I knew I was a Witch. So I’ve been on my new path for a few months now gathering all of my ingredients, like herbs, my altar supplies and making my book of shadows and my spell book which is almost done and I’m so proud of myself for choosing this New Life and I Love It.


Thanks for sharing your story, Lisa!!

Welcome to the Forum! :raised_hands: I believe we found this path because of a special sensibility, a feeling of connectedness towards everything that is hard to explain.

I’m glad you’re growing your Craft and getting the supplies and information you need. Feel free to create topics asking questions or sharing anything you like here. And comment on any topic that you find interesting!

More recommendations: Visit the Spell Collections page to find a lot of useful recipes. Also browse around the forum to see if you find anything that interests you. Ask anything you want here and follow the guided meditations on the Witches Homework Page in your free time!

Merry Meet and Blessed Be! :pray: :dizzy: