LIVE Crystal Show/Sale

I :heart: crystals! & I know that the holidays & gift :gift: giving season is approaching. I also know that we have new members & existing members that enjoy unique pieces & learning about what it is that they are purchasing. I received this email, anyone can sign up for the show & I have included the link to do so at the end. There is also a link to view the online sale policies.

I have done these types of shows before & I have been able to purchase some amazing pieces that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. If anyone is interested in joining, please read on.

Tuesday, November 16th from 6 - 8:30pm CT

Hey crystal lovers…It’s time for some end-of-year closeout deals!

Tuesday, November 16th at 6:00 PM CT we will feature huge discounts on jumbo deity carvings, Diamantina Quartz, half-price cabochons, and much more - everything must go!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save BIG on some one-of-a-kind pieces. As always, we’ll be chatting about the physical & spiritual properties of each piece so you can learn a bit while you shop! This will be a fun night of crystal shopping and chatting!

We’ll go live at 6pm CT on Tuesday, November 16th …can’t wait to see you! :orange_heart:

To attend, all you have to do is sign up HERE in advance . It’s easy & totally free, and you’ll get a reminder before the sale begins.

Questions? Be sure to read the live sale policies HERE before the sale to understand how our online sales work.


Thank you for the heads up!


No problem! I hope you enjoy it! :two_hearts:


I love live sales but I can’t do any until after Yule/Christmas. Funds are kinda tight. But thank you! I’ll check them out for future sales.

Oh, it’s my teachers sale from her Mimosa Spirit sale. She can be pricey with her store but the live sales are good. And barely anyone shows up.


Indeed I have started my preparation for Yule already.


Yes! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: when I was looking at the site I had gotten a notification of some kind about the crystal sale. So I figured I would share it here.

I have been to a Live Sale that was similar to this with Embodii Crystals on FaceBook. I don’t have FB anymore though. So I thought this is a good way for others without that type of social media :hugs:

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