Living and worshiping in a house divided

I am newish to formal witchcraft, about 2 years. I have always been connected with nature, as a Boy scout leader for 30 + years. I have felt connected to the Moon and other deities. I taught high school Sunday school for years and the more I studied, the more things just did not make sense. I found the pagan way. I am tired of hiding my Rites, worship, feelings from a wife whom I truly love. She is just too set in her ways to allow me my space. I work for a school district in North Texas and, to my knowledge have never met witchcraft leaning pagan. I need someone to communicate with, without being judged too harshly.
Any suggestions?


Merry meet, @thomas4. You have a safe place to get to know other pagans here. :grin:

I can’t speak to the situation with your wife without knowing a bit more but here is something to consider. I struggled with Wicca for 20 years being scared I might go to hell if I embraced this path. It’s possible your wife will love you and accept your beliefs even if she can’t understand them. It’s also possible she will think the most loving thing to do is try to save you.

I have found that my Christian friends are more accepting of my eclectic beliefs when I show the commonalities of Wicca and passages in the Old Testament. Ancient Judaism was nature based and even started polytheistic. When friends start to see those connections they tend to be ok with my practices even if they aren’t fully on board. I hope that helps.


A very warm welcome to you, @thomas4! :wave:

Sorry to hear your partner doesn’t share your love for Pagan ways- but I am happy to tell you that you’ve found a great place here, full of people to swap ritual ideas, spells, and just chat about the craft with! :sparkles:

You shouldn’t have to hide who you are and your beliefs. Whenever you feel repressed, feel free to browse through the topics and jump in on any that catch your eye. You are also very welcome to start new discussions- I imagine you have a wealth of useful natural information to share! :national_park:

Make yourself at home here- we are blessed to have you join us, Thomas! Blessed be :grin:


Welcome to the forum where nobody is judged based on their belief system. I hope you will one day be in sync with your wife with your beliefs. I’m teaching my kids that whatever they want to believe is totally up to them. They have a choice bc I didn’t. I was judged and still am by my parents. It’s bc of what media, movies and haters portray us as. Anything but the truth. Because they don’t understand. I’d break it down in a way that she’d understand or little by little. I hope that anything that any of us say would help. I’m glad you’re here! Blessed be :pray:t3:


Merry Meet @thomas4! I’m Kasie and I’m from West Virginia so I get the whole not wanting to talk about your beliefs for fear of persecution. I can’t say anything about your wife, I’m not very wise when it comes to relationships, but I can tell you this is an excellent place to communicate and learn and just make friends.

You may also want to check Facebook unless you think your wife might see it. I know we have a couple of groups dedicated to WV pagans and Wiccans, so you might find more information there.

Good luck and Blessed be!


Hi @thomas4 !

I think you have stumbled to the right place. I am in a similar situation where I don’t really have anyone I can connect with about witchcraft in real life. It’s really frustrating!

I haven’t bee a part of the Spells8 community for very long but what I have experienced so far are nothing but kind, funny, encouraging, and non-judgemental people. No matter if you are a baby with or a 5 zillion year practitioner, you will be greeted with warmth here.


Hiya @thomas4, Welcome to the forum! It’s wonderful to have you here!
I’m so sorry to hear that your wife doesn’t support your beliefs at the moment but it’s more than possible that this will change :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m so glad you found your way to us and I hope you find us to be the non-judgemental lovely bunch of people you’ve been looking for! I look forward to hearing more from you soon :heart:


Great too meet you! Its a great community without any judgement. Its also a great learning base for new beginningers and seasoned alike!

Blessed be


I’m in a very similar situation and this place has been my saving grace! I have had a very rough month and a half at home and Spells8 and this forum have been my life line! I haven’t posted lately but I’m in here a lot on the side lines and it is what has kept me going!


Big appreciation to you, Jill! :smiley: Together we are creating a beautiful place which I am happy to be be a part of!

Keep your head up! Everything is about to get better :pray:


Merry Meet
I feel your in the right place, and I believe it was perfect timing for us to connect. I am so glad, you found a place where you can grow and flourish!
Merry Part
Blessed be