Living so close to nature

Being mere steps from a forest is a real joy i often get little visitors like this snale sleeping on my patio


Oh, hello cute little snail! :snail: :blush: That is really cool that you have visitors from the forest, @Nikita-mikaelson!

It’s winter here in Poland now (even with the Spring solstice this week- the cold weather is sure to linger for quite a while, boo :laughing:) but in the summer we get some crazy huge snails too! When I lived in the countryside in Japan, I remember there were frogs everywhere- sometimes I had to gently boink them off my door handle in order to get back into my apartment :frog: :joy:

Nature brings many joys and much excitement to those living close by… although you’ll never catch me singing praises for the spiders lol :spider: :sweat_smile:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Yea every night i can literally hear the frogs singing and sometimes i play chicken with deer or bunnys lol but ive seen a few spiders about the size of my hand and normally run away .


The frogs, deer, and bunnies are like living as Snow White :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :deer: but spiders the size of your hand!?!? Uh-oh, that’s no fairytale- that’s a nightmare in my book! :joy:

May you continue to enjoy the lovely wildlife and may the big spiders leave you alone, Nikita! :grinning: :heart:


Yea its honestly a very peaceful thing to hear animals rather then cars


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