Llegué, Observé y Conquisté

Recently I started playing a game named “Royal Farm”. Now, I know that if knew better I would never have started it. There’s not such thing as free lunch.
The game is good, but if you want to advance must buy diamonds.
That’s where all the fun begins :sob:.
I played by my rules and I’ve got my fingers burnt.
I thought long before I designed my veggy patch in the shape of a Svastika or Swastika, but not the one that’s still on people’s mind with bad connotations.
It was not other than the “sacred Bharatiya symbo”.
Not to be confused with the German “Hakenkreuz”.
I have found an article on “Voice of the Nation Organiser” really fascinating!
I tried to explain to those did not know, but got kicked out of the Guild without explanation.
Well, I was called a fascist.
A decided to play the game on my own, less trouble!
What’s interesting is that next day or so I received an email from “Lotus Tarot”, showing the “Knight of Swords” riding left.
Like Caesar: “VENI, VIDI, VICI” regardless of the consequences.
Back in History emperor Claudius stayed in Brittannia briefly, gave up on Britons soon after. The mind boggles why🤣.
"I have started learning Italian to “console myself”- this a famous line of sorts cited by a much loved British comedian now deceased.
But that’s a story for a rainy day…
Not my intention to upset anyone, just to express the connection with my action and the Tarot card.:two_hearts:
Up pompei!: A very much loved comedy sitcom.
I have read the article twice so far. I have found it, if it’s truly documented, very educational.
I encourage you to check it out, if you haven’t done so, and make your mind about it.