Llewellyn's Spell a Day, September 6, 2021

Color of the Day: White :white_heart:
Incense of the Day: Hyssop

New Moon, New Job
The new moon is a space between the ending of one lunar cycle and the beginning of another. Things in life enter this phase and come out the other side reborn, just like the fresh waxing moon. This spell uses the transformative power of the new moon to create a job change or promotion.

Gather these items:
• A black bowl filled with water to represent the dark moon
• A waterproof object to represent your job (such as a paperclip :paperclip:, a nail, etc)

After dark, sit outdoors or near a window with the bowl of water. Hold the object in your hand. Imagine your job as it is now and say:

Dark moon
Cauldron of change,
I give this job to you.
Darkness stir,
Mysteries move
Bring me something new.

Drop the object into the dark water and spend a moment visualizing yourself doing the job you want. Leave the water out overnight.
Dump the water onto the earth in the morning, and continue to use the object as change comes your way.

        -Kate Freuler

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May have to give this one a try…


I love this spell book. I have it in a drawer in my altar. Along with Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Herbs


Llewellyn has so many great books!!!