Look whos back again and again

High everyone. It has been quite a spell since Ive been here Lot going on. How is everything and everybody? I need all the magic I can muster. My parents are both down with Covid and they just took my father to the E R


I’m so sorry to hear that @FlagrumThorn! I am sending healing light & love to him & your family through this time.

I am a moderator now, we have A Sacred Space Category for logged-in members & more personal posts, & some new courses are out on Spells8.

I hope you take time for yourself to process & feel what is going on staying present. I wish them both healing love & light :sparkles: :two_hearts: :infinite_roots:


I’m sorry to hear about your parents. It’s tough to watch your loved ones sick, and the ER is just scary. I hope they get better soon :revolving_hearts:


Sorry to meet you under such circumstances @FlagrumThorn - I hope your parents get better very soon! Keep us posted on their condition if you feel like sharing with us.


Nice to see you back, @FlagrumThorn. Will keep both your parents in my prayers.


I am so sorry to hear this. I am sending healing vibes their way, especially for your father while he is in the hospital. I pray he recovers quickly. Take care.


Welcome back, @FlagrumThorn- it’s always wonderful to hear from you :blush:

I am so sorry that your parents have covid and I pray that your father will be okay :pray: Although the emergency room can indeed be scary and stressful, it means he is close by trained doctors and is getting attention and care.

I’m sending love, light, and healing energy out your way- blessings to you and yours, Larry! :pray::candle::heart: