Looking for positive energy/healing/help/advice

Sorry in advance if I am posting this in the wrong category.

Guys, I am almost in tears writing this. This goes against my LOA beliefs, as it states that you shouldn’t focus on negative stuff, but I really need to vent, and ask the community for help if possible and/or some advice on what to do.

I haven’t been active on the forum for a while because I haven’t been feeling well.

I have a chronic condition on my neck. I have cervical herniated discs and for many years, I have been having back pain on and off. Recently, it started acting out and I have been in pain for over a month. And, as if that was not enough, about 10 days ago, I started having this agonizing pain on my shoulder. I went to the doc and did an MRI scan, and as it turns out, I have something called calcific tendonitis. Also, some edema was found in my tendons and it’s hell! I can’t sleep, work, or have a normal life for the past couple of weeks and I have no idea what to do. I spent over a week on painkillers and muscle relaxers and, while the pain has decreased, I am still unable to get back to my normal movement and just live my life as normal. Physical therapy is the only option, and I have started yesterday, but it’s extremely expensive. So my sessions will be limited as I can’t buy the full package at the moment. Insurance won’t cover it because it’s not a new condition etc. What they did in the session was electrotherapy and some rehabilitation exercises.

Anyway, so I am trying to do those same exercises at home to stretch and strengthen my shoulder (it’s free at home and I can do it at my own pace), but man, I just can’t get rid of the pain. I also ordered a little electrotherapy machine online and I am waiting for it to be delivered. I hope it will help too.

I recently did a karmic cleanse and was wondering if this is why I am having all this pain/bad luck? Could it be that the bad karma is getting out of my body before I feel better? I know it sounds stupid, but is it a thing? I didn’t do the karmic cleanse myself, I had someone perform it for me. I really am at a loss! I don’t know why all this is happening to me all of a sudden and all at the same time! I cleansed my house (many times) with incense, salt etc. I took cleansing baths with salt, but I am not sure what else I can do at this point. I pray to the Goddess almost every day asking for healing. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Could this all be a coincidence? I honestly don’t believe in coincidences and I believe that everything happens for a reason… But what could be the reason for this?

So I am asking my dear fellow witches what to do. Do you know of any spells for healing? I am aware that I have a medical condition, and I am not asking for medical advice. I’m asking for a solution on a spiritual/energetic level. What do you guys suggest? Is there a spell I could perform to get rid of this? Would a bad luck spell be suitable for my situation? Any advice or suggestions will be really appreciated.

Thank you all in advance :heart:


I am so sorry you are going through this. Unresolved pain can be immensely demoralizing.

I know you are not asking for medical advice but while you are researching your medical options, some things you might want to investigate are low-dosage naltrexone (6 mg to max 12 mg; it is a very inexpensive Rx with no side effects that I know of), accupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, aqua therapy and any lifestyle change that minimizes inflammation in the body (might be cutting out or reducing certain foods).

I can’t say what could spiritually be causing pain if anything, because as we all know, bad things like chronic pain happen to good people all the time. But you could explore some chakra work, meditation and breath work. I have used breath work to lessen or soften pain – not the level of pain you are experiencing, mine is joint pain. Another thought is past life work. You may have some kind of karmic residue from sorrow or trauma or you might have energetic cords that need cutting. You could try working with an intuitive healer, angelic healer or energy worker. Sometimes, there are free mini-sessions if you hunt around.

I will pray for you :slight_smile:


Would you consider being seen by a Shaman? Could you afford a massage therapist to visit you at your house? Oh I’m so sorry that you are experiencing this right now. Much love and healing to you.


@Peridot, I am so sorry to hear that you’re going through this! My first thoughts while reading this were about cord-cutting and Louise Hay, and I wondered if I should say anything. After reading others’ replies and seeing that @mary25 and @Eliza_01 referenced those things as well, it was a confirmation to me to respond. I believe energetic attachments to another person, thing, fear, or limiting beliefs manifest as physical pain, and releasing them can help immensely. As for Louise Hay, she was so awesome and influenced many lives. It’s nice to see that she’s still reaching people posthumously! One of the things I learned from her many years ago and still carry with me today is that our bodies are literal. Meaning that pain in the shoulders can literally mean that we feel like we’re carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. I believe physical pain is always trying to teach us something. Somewhere within us is a state of dis-ease. When I sit with myself quietly in meditation and allow my higher self to clue me into the underlying issue, I have great results. I hope this helps. In the meantime, I’ll be sending love, light, and healing vibes your way. :heart: :hugs:


Oh, @Peridot, I am so sorry to hear what you are going through right now- chronic pain is a nightmare. I have several close friends who deal with chronic pain and I admit I couldn’t really fathom how draining and destabilizing it is until I went through a long-term period of pain myself. Even then I think I still only brushed the tip of the iceberg of what they deal with. Chronic pain really takes a lot out of you. My heart goes out to you, my friend :heart::people_hugging:

I wouldn’t think that a cleanse could have any effects like what you are experiencing now, especially if it was just a general cleanse. But then again, I can only speak for cleanses that I’m familiar with myself. Would you be able to reach out to the caster and check to see what things/focuses they worked on during the cleanse? A general cleanse of bad energy is a very different cleanse then a spell to wash away everything (both the good and the bad) and restart with a clean slate.

If you’re in doubt, I’d recommend checking with whoever cast the cleanse. It may give you more to work with, and at the very least could put your worries to rest :+1:

You mentioned that you’ve cleansed your house with multiple methods and took cleansing baths to no effect- it seems safe to say that cleansing isn’t working, which would make sense if it was that cleansing spell that influenced or messed with the shift of energy you are feeling in the first place :thinking:

If you are considering Bad Luck spells, I would say go for it- it certainly can’t help to banish bad luck. But it sounds like there is a lot more going on here than just bad luck. I’m thinking that there has been a huge shift of energy, an onset of severe chronic pain, and then of course all of the additional stress that these things bring on.

In the most loving way possible, I don’t think there is going to be one one-off spell to solve a problem of this level- I’m thinking that working on this is going to take a while to get things back into balance. Luckily, we are at the Equinox- if there was ever a time to start working to restabilize and regain balance, it is the day when the sun and moon are in equilibrium! :sun_with_face: :full_moon:

As for how to go about doing this, I would approach it with a combination of spellwork. Look for spells and meditations that focus on healing, destressing, and regaining balance :sparkles:.

I would also highly recommend keeping a log of the magickal work you do and your health symptoms (both physical and mental) :open_book: to track the things that seem to be working, and what needs to be adjusted/changed/cut from your daily healing practice.

Also, another vote from me for acupuncture! :sewing_needle: It’s a great alternative practice that has helped me in the past. I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but many insurances cover acupuncture when being used to treat pain- it doesn’t hurt to try it if it’s available to you! :+1:

Sending lots of love and positive energy your way, @Peridot. You are in my thoughts and I pray the pain and energy issues resolve for you asap! Big hugs! :people_hugging: :heart:


Hey guys thank you so much for your comments and sorry for not replying earlier. I was in pain, but I feel so much better now.

Thank you so much @mary25 @LissaMay222 @BrightBear @TheTravelWitch_Bry :heart:

I think I was just being paranoid with all the pain and wrongfully thinking that it was related to bad luck or something. After thinking it through, I think I just overexerted my shoulders and hurt them really badly. I continued to do some physical therapy exercises at home, along with taking meds and using electrotherapy, and I started getting better. Now I feel so much better. Also, my boyfriend was here visiting (long distance relationship) and I think that helped a lot too.

I think that sometimes I get carried away and kind of start associating everything with magic and karma etc. I do realize that sometimes sh*t happens, but I tend to get paranoid lol.

Thank you again for your suggestions and kind words, I really appreciate you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m so glad you’re feeling better now! :partying_face: :star2: I think this is just an important reminder for you that not everything is associated with spirituality or witchcraft. And you’re right, sometimes shit happens lol


Thank you :heart:


@Peridot So happy you’re feeling better!


I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had our moments where we rush right into magick- I know I certainly have before! Sometimes it’s just the first thing that comes to mind, and goodness knows that it’s tough to think clearly when in pain :pray:

Good for you for working through the situation and finding the path to your healing- I am so glad to hear that you are feeling much better, @Peridot! :heart::blush:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you so much @Rowan :heart:

@TheTravelWitch_Bry I know right! LOL I laugh at myself sometimes for thinking that. I guess because of all the pain I was having, my mood was really down and I was feeling sorry for myself and immediately started thinking how unlucky I was etc :rofl:


I have waited to comment because, I have been right where you are concerning ongoing medical conditions with chronic debilitating pain & limited options aside from pharmaceuticals. & I know that you are not asking for medical advice.

I believe the machine you are talking about is a TENS machine. Girl… The Divine gift for back pain when you find the right setting.

However, I have also used rice pillows. You can make them on your own, but also, you can use them for cold & heat therapy. I use them mostly for heat, you put them in the microwave & the rice really retains heat for a while & then reheat them as needed.

That being said, I also used the Ritual Cleansing Baths & Energy Cleansing Music from Woke Nation during them. I have a built in shower seat, so I had to modify them for use in the shower instead of a tub.


It’s a natural chain of thought, if you ask me- nobody could blame you, my friend! :heart: Pain is awful, and the longer it goes on the more desperate we become to get it to stop. Magick offers a possible solution, but it isn’t always the right one for the situation (or at least, not all by itself- I’ve found sometimes its a combo of medicine and magick that is needed for the body, mind, and spirit).

Good for you for overcoming the pain and moving forward, Peridot! Stay healthy and well! :people_hugging: :two_hearts:


@Siofra OMG YESSSS!!! It’s a tiny TENS/EMS machine and it’s a life saver! It really is divine when you get the right setting and when you put it on the right spot :rofl:

I have read something about rice pillows but never tried them. I have 2 gel packs (they can be used hot or cold) and they really helped a lot too!

I also found these two guys on YouTube, I used their exercises and they helped tremendously.

Thanks for sharing Woke Nation! They are amazing :heart:


Thank you :slight_smile: Also, I will be more careful in the future and less stupid. I won’t lift super heavy stuff hahahaha


I’m so happy that it’s working for you, rice pillows really are great & you can make them out of whatever fabric you would like. I have a bunch & have actually given a few away because I had so many.

If you’re at all crafty you can make the rice pillows.

Take 2 pieces of fabric in a rectangle… sew them on 3 sides with the fabric pattern facing each other, flip it right side out so the seams are on the inside, fill it with dry rice or lentils until it’s full but you can still manipulate how it lays, then seal up the fourth side & 1 - 2 minutes MAYBE 2 1/2 minutes in the microwave & you’ve got heat therapy.

I only know that because my friend used to make them & I asked her for an easy way to do it. She said this is how she does it every time with different-sized pieces of fabric.

I used to fall asleep with them on my back & knees. :rofl:


I have never used rice pillows, although I have heard of them. I will definitely give them a try, thanks :slight_smile:

I slept so many times with gel-filled ice or hot packs :rofl: