Looking for some help in healing my injured foot

I’m in my 8th month of a foot injury which is taking a long time to heal. Is there anything that can be suggested to move along the healing process, other than the usual suspects. I have a couple go to crystals for healing but I’m hoping to tap into something else. I’ve been out of work due to this and honestly am going crazy sitting around all day & night. I’m one that likes to be up and around and moving. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Love & light :two_hearts::dizzy:


I’m sorry that your foot is injured! My brother is also going through a broken foot issue with a sprained ankle. Besides keeping it elevated, hot/cold packs and pain relievers…you know I have to add crystals. Lol

Hematite grounding
Rose Quartz eases comfort
Jade helps rebind the skeletal and cellular system, which is great for healing foot injuries and broken foot bones
Green Aventurine anti-inflammatory, soothes sore, tired feet
Garnet increases energy and revives tired feet
Smokey Quartz relieving foot/toe cramps, general foot pain
Sunstone helps chronic pain, helps speed up healing of foot sores, blisters and boils.
Black Onyx helps sore feet, broken bones and poor circulation
Blue Lace Agate helps heal broken bones
Blue Kyanite helps heal broken bones

What you could do with any or all of the stones is keep then near your foot as much as possible. Or on your person. Even sleep with them near your foot or under your pillow. If it doesn’t hurt, you could place one or two on the foot or area where it hurts.

A trick I learned in school is to have two clear quartz on each side of the foot with one pointing to your foot and one pointing away from your foot. Leave it for about 15 mins.

I do hope whatever happens that you find relief!!


Hi Marcie :wave:t3:

I’m sorry to hear that you’re dealing with an injury, and have been for a long time! First, I want to make sure (as I always do for everyone) that you’ve seen a doctor if you have access. I’m sure you have, but I just always have to put that disclaimer out there.

Second, I have a little spell bag I made to help me heal after I had surgery that I can share here. It can be adapted and changed to suit your situation. I don’t have it written out, though. It’s a video from my YouTube channel if you’d like to watch it :heart:


Thanks you Megan8 :slight_smile: I’m going to watch it today and give it a try. I actually see a orthopedic surgeon every 6 weeks. It’s just getting more and more frustrating bcuz it’s a foot injury. You have to walk! So of course bcuz I use my foot it is taking longer to heal. Plus being older that too is a factor. I appreciate your response! Thank you ~

Blessed Be💕


Thanks very much christina4! I have most of these crystals as well as lots of clear quartz. I’m going to be doing some placement and definitely wear what I do have that’s on ur list. Oh and dang it, I might have to go to my local metaphysical store and get more. That’s such a bummer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you again~

Blessed Be💕


Hi marcie. First of all, what happened to your foot, an injury, open wound, let me know.

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Not an open wound. I was walking my puppy back in mid February and was about to go down 3 stairs and she got scared from the sound of a garbage truck and pulled out of her harness. When that happened I was just about to step down a couple of stairs. I fell (all my weight on my left side, nothing stopped me) and injured my left foot in multiple areas. My 3rd,4th & 5th toes were all severely bruised, as well as my ankle which also had swelling and my worst injury is to my talus bone. Which is right where your foot bends on the top (where your shin bone ends and the top of your foot begins) I have bruised bones and ligament damage. So it’s taking quite a long time to heal. The bruising didn’t go completely away until about May.


Christina4 is our mineral/ crystal expert so what she tells you is pretty acurate…
MeganB usually has some wonderful spells, recipes or crafts to help.
From the way you’re describing it , you’ve been to your Doctor.
Sometimes even with the strongest magic and instruments, we also need to rely on modern science. Ice packs for swelling, stretching exercises and I’m sure some of or our yoga’ists (is that a word?) will give you a shout out.
I’ll remember you in my morning devotions.
Be kind, be blessed and know you be loved.
Garnet Bard Witch